ZMP, participating in large-scale demonstration experiment "Autonomous driving system" strategic innovation creation program (SIP)

ZMP, Strategic Innovation Creation Program (SIP)
"Autonomous driving system" Participated in large-scale demonstration experiment

ZMP Corporation (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taniguchi Hisashi , hereinafter ZMP) has participated in a large-scale demonstration experiment in the "Strategic Innovation Creation Program (SIP)" Automatic Travel System "promoted by the government I will do.

We are pursuing R & D on Autonomous Driving technologies aiming to realize future Autonomous Driving taxi service, we started an Autonomous Driving demonstration experiment on public road from 2014, recently we have been conducting demonstration experiments in urban areas of Odaiba.

 本実証実験においては、自動運転技術開発プラットフォーム車両RoboCar MiniVanを使用致します。RoboCar MiniVanは市販ハイブリッドミニバンをベース車両とした実験車両で、自動車関連メーカや研究機関・大学等における、自動運転やADAS関連の研究開発用途に販売しており、各地で行われている公道での実証実験のベース車両となっております。また、当社ではドライバーによるデータ計測サービスRoboTest(ロボテスト)により、自動車/部品メーカの公道でのデータ収集作業をサポートしております。本実証実験は、これらの車両及びサービスの知見を活かして進めてまいります。


Cabinet Office Press Release
On the implementation of the large-scale demonstration experiment of the "automatic traveling system" (October 3, 2017)

Autonomous Driving demonstration experiment in Odaiba of our company (Video)

RoboCarMiniVan public road test support package

Autonomous Driving technology development platform RoboCarMiniVan is equipped with various sensors, Autonomous Driving computer IZAC, including map creation, software customization, support for adjustment with local governments, etc. It can be used for demonstration experiments for provision of mobility services in depopulated areas and for demonstration experiments on applied services.

Data measurement service on public road by driver RoboTest

It is a service that can drastically reduce customer's labor and time by implementing driver's collection and management necessary for driving, logger system development, vehicle arrangement, and data processing after acquisition, all at once.

You can check press release PDF here.