ZMP, participating in large-scale demonstration experiment "Autonomous driving system" strategic innovation creation program (SIP)

ZMP, Strategic Innovation Creation Program (SIP)
"Autonomous driving system" Participated in large-scale demonstration experiment

ZMP Inc. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taniguchi Hisashi , hereinafter ZMP) has participated in a large-scale demonstration experiment in the "Strategic Innovation Creation Program (SIP)" Automatic Travel System "promoted by the government I will do.

We are pursuing R & D on Autonomous Driving technologies aiming to realize future Autonomous Driving taxi service, we started an Autonomous Driving demonstration experiment on public road from 2014, recently we have been conducting demonstration experiments in urban areas of Odaiba.

In this demonstration experiment, we will use the Autonomous Driving technology development platform vehicle RoboCar MiniVan. RoboCar MiniVan is an experimental vehicle that uses a commercial hybrid minivan as a base vehicle and sells it to automotive manufacturers, research institutions, universities, etc. for research and development related to Autonomous Driving and ADAS, and it is used in public roads conducted in various places It is a base vehicle for demonstration experiments. In addition, we support data collection work on automobiles / parts makers' public roads by RoboTest , a data measurement service by the driver. This demonstration experiment will proceed taking advantage of the knowledge of these vehicles and services.

We participate in a large-scale demonstration experiment on the premise of practical application promulgated by the government, thereby improving further technologies to realize Autonomous Driving taxi service, and also providing services that support each manufacturer's research and development.

Cabinet Office Press Release
On the implementation of the large-scale demonstration experiment of the "automatic traveling system" (October 3, 2017)

Autonomous Driving demonstration experiment in Odaiba of our company (Video)

RoboCarMiniVan public road test support package

Autonomous Driving technology development platform RoboCarMiniVan is equipped with various sensors, Autonomous Driving computer IZAC, including map creation, software customization, support for adjustment with local governments, etc. It can be used for demonstration experiments for provision of mobility services in depopulated areas and for demonstration experiments on applied services.

Data measurement service on public road by driver RoboTest

It is a service that can drastically reduce customer's labor and time by implementing driver's collection and management necessary for driving, logger system development, vehicle arrangement, and data processing after acquisition, all at once.




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