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- Resolve driving data collection issues with the integrated measurement system ZMP Robo Data Logger -

Introduced measurement system (driving operation, vehicle speed, vehicle behavior, GPS positioning)

Customizable in-vehicle logger "ZMP Robo Data Logger" is provided by ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Taniguchi Hisashi, hereinafter referred to as ZMP) for iPX co. ltd. in Minato-ku, Tokyo,(Representative Director and President, Takato Kouda) and we are pleased to announce that it has been introduced to acquire driving data for Autonomous Driving control development of automobiles using AI learning.

IPX co, ltd. provides total support from self-driving development to independent running on actual machines. It is a company that has a concept of developing products such as building a driver model that reproduces the behavior of humans moving with MILS / HILS / actual vehicles based on data collection vehicles.https://www.ipx.co.jp/). The company needed to simultaneously measure various sensor data (vehicle CAN, camera, LiDAR, IMU, GPS, etc.) in order to develop a driving model based on AI learning. At that time, complicated operations such as pressing the record start button for each sensor were a problem. In order to solve this problem, we adopted “ZMP Robo Data Logger” that can measure various sensors simultaneously with one click.

[ZMP Robo Data Logger adoption points]
1. Simultaneous recording of various sensors
It is possible to synchronize the time between sensors using PC time stamps, etc., and it is easy to check multiple acquired data in time series after data acquisition.

2. Start one-click measurement with a simple GUI
Anyone can easily measure with one click, and no special knowledge is required, so it can be expected to reduce human error.

3. One-stop support for other vehicle data measurement issues
In addition to providing data loggers, we can provide one-stop support for various issues related to vehicle data measurement, such as installing sensors on-board, securing in-vehicle power supplies, and taking out CAN lines from other than OBD-2.

This project is a joint proposal with INFORMATION SERVICES INTERNATIONAL-DENTSU, LTD. in Minato-ku, Tokyo (President, Ryoichi Nawa) Taking advantage of the strengths of both companies, such as data analysis and analysis acquired by the above system with INFORMATION SERVICES INTERNATIONAL-DENTSU, we provide one-stop services from data acquisition to data analysis.

-Logging system (ZMP Robo Data Logger) that can start recording various sensors simultaneously
-Car rack design, production and installation
-Installation of large-capacity on-vehicle power supply (ZMPⓇPowerUnit Z), connection to vehicle battery
-Installation of various sensors and monitors
-Other customization support (Vehicle CAN physical value conversion and data transmission device development to sensor)

【About RoboTest®】

ZMP has been providing data acquisition support services for drivers on public roads since 2012, making use of their experience in autonomous driving technology development and testing. Upstream processes such as designing and constructing systems (loggers) necessary for acquiring driving data, arranging vehicles and necessary installation / modification, and data processing after acquisition is also done. It is a service that can greatly reduce the time and effort of the customer by implementing it all at once.

<RoboTest® service>
① Driving data acquisition consulting
② Development of data acquisition system (hardware, software) * Only system available
③ Driver recruitment and management, data acquisition operation management
④ Data post-processing (according to customer requirements such as tagging and format conversion)
⑤ Analysis and reporting of acquired data

For details of RoboTest®, please visit the following website.

Please inquire about the price details of Driving data acquisition solution “RoboTest®”.

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