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6 axis motion sensor ZMP ® IMU - Z Cube

・A small sized 6-axis motion sensor capable of acceleration-measuring up to 400g with CAN connection
・Many actual achievements in the impact measurement of vehicle and vibration frequency analysis
・A very small IMU set of impact resistance type capable of measuring 5 places via one hub
ZMP IMU-Z Cube本体 
Connection example via hub


ZMP IMU-Z Cube is a small 6-axis motion sensor capable of measuring acceleration up to 400 G​ ​
This sensor is a sensor module that can be connected with in-vehicle network CAN, equipped with a 3-axis acceleration sensor and 3-axis gyro sensor that can measure up to 400 G. Measurement with a PC is possible by attaching a sensor module to a vehicle, a mechanical section, various devices, acquiring data with a CAN-compliant data logger or measuring device, or in combination with an optional USB connection cable.
By using a dedicated hub, up to five simultaneous connections are possible, and it can be used for measuring vibration and posture of vehicles and mechanical parts.

· Acceleration sensor capable of acceleration measurement up to 400G and 3 axis gyro sensor
Small size (21 × 21 × 22 [mm], about 5 [g])
· CAN connection
· Communication protocol release
· Application included (simple viewer, setting tool)


Acceleration Resolution 16 (2 to 16 G), 12 (100 to 400 G) [bit], 3 axis, ± 2/4/8/16/100/200/400 [g]
Angular velocity
3 axis, ± 250/500/1000/2000 [deg / sec] (switchable), resolution 16 [bit]
Communication interface CAN

Acceleration: 1 ms (1000 Hz) to 10000 ms (0.1 Hz)
Gyro: 1 ms (1000 Hz) to 10000 ms (0.1 Hz)
(Switchable in 1 ms increments)

Size 21 x 21 x 22 [mm]
Weight About 5 [g]
Power supply 3.3 to 15 [V] (rated 5 [V])


■IMU-Z Cube 基本セット 200,000 yen (excluding tax)
IMU - Z Cube is a basic set that can be used immediately by USB connection.
 ・ZMP IMU-Z Cube     ・ケーブル[3m]
 ・ハブ(5ポート)     ・ハブ-DSUB変換ケーブル

■IMU-Z Cube追加センサ&ケーブルセット 106,000 yen (excluding tax)
It is an additional sensor set of IMU - Z Cube.
 ・ZMP IMU-Z Cube ・ケーブル[3m]

■IMU-Z Cube延長ケーブル 18,000 yen (excluding tax)


As an optional product, we supply 5V power from the USB to the sensor and we handle a branch cable that can measure CAN signals.


Branch cable (CAN-CAN / 5 V) 15,000 yen (excluding tax)
DSUB cable that branches to a USB connector for CAN and power supply.
Simultaneously with power supply to the sensor (5 V), CAN signal can be output to another logger.
1.Branch cable (CAN-CAN / 5 V) (left) 2.Connector type (right)

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