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Small EV bus vehicle-based Autonomous Driving vehicle RoboCar® Mini EV Bus


The RoboCar® Mini EV Bus is based on a small electric bus. This is a vehicle device for Autonomous Driving that incorporates the control device of ZMP so that control can be performed by the user inputting control signals from an external device (PC or dedicated device).

The RoboCar® Mini EV Bus can take advantage of the features of the bus and transport more people automatically while keeping the features of the RoboCar® series.

Like the RoboCar® MiniVan / SUV, RoboCar® Mini EV Bus can acquire sensor information installed in the base vehicle via the in-vehicle network CAN (Control Area Network), and ZMP's unique controller enables steering, acceleration and braking.

Normally, the vehicle controlled by the driver's operation (accelerator / brake, turning the steering wheel) can be controlled from the user's computer or special equipment. It can be used as a vehicle platform at the service site.

RoboCar Mini EV Bus紹介動画&活用事例動画

ZMPでは、RoboCar Mini EV Busを紹介する「編集長の製品教えて!!」という紹介動画やRoboCar Mini EV Busを活用した事例として、丸紅株式会社と株式会社ZMPの合弁会社であるAIRO株式会社が、中部国際空港制限区域内において、2019年3月18日~3月20日の3日間、自動走行車両による実証実験を実施した際の動画をご紹介しています。



· Autonomous Driving Minibus which can occupy 11 passengers
· Can acquire CAN information (speed, steering, accelerator, brake, shift position, etc.)
· Programmable steering, accelerator and brake with ZMP original controller
· Switchable between Automatic control mode and Manual mode
· An optional external sensor such as a camera or laser range sensor, a large capacity battery system, or a remote monitoring system can be optionally installed.

【RoboCar Mini EV Bus 車両スペック】


 ZMP製RoboCar Mini EV Bus ※1
 乗車定員  11名(ドライバー席含む)
 全長×全幅×全高  6.61m/2.32m/2.87m
 車両重量  8,320kg
 ハンドル有無  有
 最高速度  69km/h
 満充電走行距離  60~80km(A/C off時)
 充電時間  約60分
 自動運転の方式  自律型(インフラに手を加えずに自動運転)
 基本機能  自己位置推定、障害物認識、車両制御

マニュアルモード・自動制御モード切替 等


Sensor installation​ ​

It is possible to add sensors such as mounted sensors and remote monitoring systems on demand.
Stereo camera
Remote monitoring system


Autonomous Driving software platform IZAC®​ ​

IZAC® is a software platform for Autonomous Driving. By connecting a sensor to a computer (PC) equipped with IZAC® and making it recognize, it is possible to control every machine by making judgments and controlling through IZAC®'s control components. By using the control component developed by IZAC®, it is possible to efficiently run autonomously and develop recognition algorithms.
​ ​IZAC® for Autonomous Driving and ADAS development platform

消毒液散布機能搭載 自動運転車両RoboCar Mini EV Bus

本ロボットはミニバスタイプの自動運転車両RoboCar Mini EV Busの車内に電動噴霧器を搭載し、自動運転での人員輸送サービスを支援すると共に、走行終了時など決められた時間に、乗客の手が触れる手すりや座席、および床や壁面に消毒液を自動噴霧する機能を提供。



· For Autonomous Driving service development for transportation of people
· For research and development of the means of movement of the elderly and short-distance moving vehicles
· Mobility service vehicles using Autonomous Driving vehicles
· For evaluation of in-house products / technologies equipped with devices
· For testing of services and applications that link cars and IT


RoboCar® Mini EV Bus(自動運転バス)一式 7,000万円~


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