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RoboCar® Mini EV Bus, the autonomous driving small EV bus 


"RoboCar® Mini EV Bus" is a small autonomous driving EV bus as an autonomous driving solution of ZMP, manufactured based on the small EV bus by ANHUI ANKAI AUTOMOBILE CO., LTD. (Hereinafter, "ANKAI"), a bus manufacturer in China.
This vehicle has the ANKAI's technology, experience, and knowledge as a bus maker along with the various sensors used for autonomous driving and the driving software IZAC® acting as the brain which are designed based on the autonomous driving technology, experience, and knowledge cultivated by ZMP. It is also equipped with a high-end remote monitoring system, and we propose it as an autonomous driving EV bus in a total package.

It can be used for mobility on private land such as factories, plants, logistics, airports, port facilities, and commercial facilities where labor saving is required.

Currently, under the declaration of "Aiming to realize a carbon-neutral, decarbonized society by 2050," it is required to implement initiatives for a decarbonized society worldwide. Among them, we are also selling the small EV bus, which is the base vehicle, as a single unit.
Image: RoboCar MiniEV Bus Package Configuration
・ Autonomous driving vehicle for small EV buses with a seating capacity of 11 people
・ We are using the base vehicle of a Chinese bus manufacturer that has a lot of sales records, and the vehicle manufacturer also supports controllability.
· Programmable steering, accelerator and brake with ZMP original controller
-Equipped with an "override function" that is taken over by manual operation when the driver intervenes during autonomous driving
・ High-precision 3D map creation for autonomous driving and scenario setting according to the customer's operation are also possible. We provide total support from introduction to operation.
・ Upgrade to autonomous driving is possible after purchasing the base small EV bus vehicle.
[Usage scene]
  • Factory / plant
    – As a means of transportation for employees on large premises
  • Logistics facility
    – As a means of transportation for people within the facility / area

  • Airport / harbor
    – As a means of transportation for users and workers

  • Commercial facility
    – As a means of transportation for customers on the premises, or as a shuttle bus

  • Super city, smart city
    – As a new means of transportation within the area

What is ANKAI?

ANKAI (ANHUI ANKAI AUTOMOBILE CO., LTD.) is an automobile manufacturing company headquartered in China (Hefei City, Anhui Province), and mainly manufactures buses. The name "Anhui" is an abbreviation for Anhui-Kässbohrer, which indicates that the Hefei Yasukawa Automobile Factory and Kässbohrer have cooperated since 1993.
They manufacture city buses, long-distance buses, over-night long-distance buses, chassis for long-distance bus, and automobile parts. They also started manufacturing EV buses in 2004. The company has three major subsidiaries, which manufacture about 20,000 units a year and sell vehicle products worldwide.

Since 2019, they have entered into a strategic alliance with ZMP in the development of autonomous vehicles, and are implementing joint development.

Sensor installation​ ​

It is possible to add sensors such as mounted sensors and remote monitoring systems on demand.
Stereo camera
Remote monitoring system

RoboCar Mini EV Bus Product Specifications

Vehicle used

ZMP RoboCar Mini EV Bus * 1
Number of seats 11 people (including driver's seat)
Overall length x width x height 6.61m / 2.32m / 2.87m
Vehicle weight 8,320 kg
Possess handle Yes
Maximum speed 69 km/h
Maximum output  181kW
Full charge mileage 60-80 km (when A/C is off)
Charging time About 60 minutes
Autonomous Driving method Autonomous (without changing the infrastructure)
Basic function Self-position estimation, obstacle recognition, vehicle control,​ ​

manual mode & automatic control mode switching, etc.

* 1) The base EV bus is manufactured by ANFUI ANKAI AUTOMOBILE of China.

RoboCar Mini EV Bus introduction video & use case video

Here you can see the introduction video of RoboCar Mini EV Bus and a demonstration experiment using an autonomous vehicle for three days from March 18th to March 20th, 2019 in the restricted area of Chubu International Airport. by AIRO Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Marubeni Co., Ltd. and ZMP Inc.

Vehicle price

[RoboCar Mini EV Bus, the autonomous driving small EV bus]

From 70 million yen (excluding tax) per unit
Multiple installation package for SuperCity / SmartCity
Autonomous Driving small EV bus "RoboCar Mini EV Bus" that handles the movement of people on public roads and specific areas, and the cloud management system "ROBO-HI®" that enables monitoring and optimal placement of Autonomous Driving. We will provide a set of introduction and operation support for Super City and Smart City.
RoboCar Mini EV Bus 2 units 100 million yen (excluding tax) (50 million yen per unit (excluding tax))
RoboCar Mini EV Bus 5 units 200 million yen (excluding tax) (40 million yen per unit (excluding tax))

[Small EV bus body only]

Mini EV Bus 1 unit 30 million yen ~ (excluding tax)
* Prices may fluctuate due to changes in bus specifications and exchange rates.

Can be upgraded to autonomous driving after purchasing the base small EV vehicle

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