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3D-LiDAR series

ZMP handles 3D-LiDAR sensors from RoboSense and Konica Minolta in China that project infrared light and measure the surrounding distance and shape. This product can be used for Autonomous Driving, autonomous movement, and development of advanced driving safety support function (ADAS).

RoboSense 3D-LiDAR series

In this article, we introduce the product lineup of LiDAR manufacturer RoboSense (Suteng Innovation Technology Co., Ltd), which is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. In addition to mechanical type 16, 32, ultra-high-definition 128 beams, there is ultra-wide field of view RS-Bpearl, and MEMS-type LiDAR that we have started offering for research and development. See below for details.

Konica Minolta 3D-LiDAR

The Konica Minolta laser radar is a TOF (Time Of Flight) type laser radar that can scan a wide range of up to 24 beam in the vertical direction and up to 120 ° in the horizontal angle of view. Even at night, it is possible to detect and observe people and objects in real time while distinguishing between people and objects such as terrain and structures without being affected by street lights.
Moreover, sensing without gap can be obtained and information of higher density than conventional LiDAR can be acquired and it can be used for recognizing thin lines and small shapes which could not be detected by conventional methods.

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