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Stereo camera RoboVision series

A stereo camera is the "eye" of Autonomous Driving and Autonomous Movement. RoboVision2s, which can easily acquire images with a compact size + USB power supply, and RoboVision3 which can measure farther and wider with a 4-lens camera, are available.
Stereo camera RoboVision 2s
RoboVision® 2s
Super high sensitivity stereo camera system compatible with ranging and object detection software
Stereo camera RoboVision 3
RoboVision 3
A stereo camera capable of sensing a distance of up to 150 m and horizontal 110 ° field of view​ ​

Image processing software

Image processing software Object detection
Object detection
Software capable of displaying the size and location coordinates of the detected object in real time

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