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    Sensors & Development Tools

    ZMP handles various sensors such as stereo cameras and 3D-LiDAR required for Autonomous Driving and autonomous movement, as well as development tools for accelerating development, such as development robots and high-performance PCs.

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    Stereo camera RoboVison & sensor

    In the category of stereo camera RoboVision & sensor, the stereo camera unit RoboVision series developed by ZMP, we handle biological sensors such as 3D-LiDAR, acceleration / GPS / CAN measurement sensor and ECG to measure heart rate which are indispensable while autonomous driving and automatic movement

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    Development tools & high-performance PC, data logger

    In the category of development tools & high-performance PCs and data loggers, we handle in-vehicle power supplies, research and development robots, and high-performance PCs that can be used for development.

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