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Development tools & PC, logger

ZMP handles tools and robots that can be used for the development of Autonomous Driving and autonomous mobile driving. We have a lineup of on-board power supplies required for vehicle testing, small robots manufactured by K-team in Switzerland, trolley platforms for research and development, and high-performance PCs. You can also use surveying services that utilize Autonomous Driving drones.

Automotive General Purpose Power Supply

Automotive Power Supply Power Unit-Z
Power Unit-Z
Automotive high-power battery system for Autonomous Driving and ADAS experiments (up to 1500 W)

Research and development robots

We handle cart-type development platform POWER WHEEL II and small research and development robot made by K-team in Switzerland as research and development robots.
Mobile platform for research and development
K-team small robots Kilobot
Research platform to promote understanding of group control and realize wide range of possibilities
K-team small robots Khepera IV
Khepera IV
Small autonomous mobile robot equipped with camera, infrared sensor, ultrasonic sensor

    High-function data logger & PC

    Sales of PCs (computers) that support a variety of interfaces and have high environmental resistance and in-vehicle resistance, and general-purpose power supplies for in-vehicle use
    Data logger Fanless PC
    Fanless PC
    Latest model Automotive fanless PC series Nuvo-5100 VTC series
    High-function PC STACKRACK
    Environment resistant GPU system PC ideal for Autonomous driving​ ​
    and Robot Research development

    Surveying service

    ZMP also sell surveying services and products of AeroSense Inc., which is used for surveying and inspection, logistics support etc.
    Autonomous flight drone AEROBO
    Autonomous flight drone AEROBO
    Fully Autonomous Drone AS-MC02-P
    work fully automated from take-off to landing
    Drone measurement AEROBO Marker
    AEROBO Marker
    Anti-alarm sign with GPS function with RTK accuracy.
    Significant reduction of surveying man-hour and data processing man-hour
    Drone surveying AEROBO cloud
    AEROBO cloud
    Provide applications for drone such as surveying

    Other product categories

    RoboVision & sensor

    In addition to development tools and robots, ZMP also handles stereo cameras, 3D-LiDAR, IMU, GPS, CAN bus, and biological sensors (ECG) that can be used for the development of autonomous Autonomous Driving and autonomous movement. See below for details.

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