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ZMP sells environment-resistant fanless computers from STACKRACK and the fanless PC series Nuvo-5100VTC from Neoousys as PCs for Autonomous Driving and robot development. By utilizing environment-resistant PCs, Autonomous Driving and robot development can be developed more safely and speedily.

Stack Rack environment-resistant embedded PC

ZMP offers an environment-resistant fanless computer from STACKRACK as a PC for Autonomous Driving and robot development. STACKRACK's compact GPU system can be used in cabinets with limited space or in surveillance and command centers, so it exhibits great characteristics in research and development of vehicles and robots.
High-function PC STACKRACK
Environment resistant GPU system PC ideal for Autonomous driving​ ​
and Robot Research development

Neousys Technology fanless PC for rolling stock and railway

RoboSense's 3D-LiDAR products include mechanical RS-LiDAR 16 and 32, ultra-high-definition 128-layer RS-Ruby, ultra-wide-angle RS-Bpearl covering blind spots in Autonomous Driving vehicles, and R&D. The MEMS-type LiDAR that has been launched. Please check the specifications and details of the product below.
Data logger Fanless PC
Fanless PC
Latest model Automotive fanless PC series Nuvo-5100 VTC series

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