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Research and development robots

We handle bogie-type development platform POWER WHEEL II (power wheel two) and small research and development robots manufactured by K-team in Switzerland as research and development robots.

Carts for research and development

The R & D trolley-type robot "POWER WHEEL II" is a 6-wheel (center drive wheel x 2, free wheel x 4) trolley equipped with a large capacity lithium-ion battery and using an independent two-wheel drive system using a high-output motor. A mobile platform platform for research and development that can run for 8 hours.

Mobile platform for research and development

Kilobot, Khepera IV, a research and development robot manufactured by K-team, Switzerland

K-Team is a company founded on the results of the small mobile robot Khepera of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). ZMP sells K-team robots as the sole sales agent in Japan.

The robots handled are the ultra-small group robot "Kilobot" and the multi-sensing mobile robot "KheperaIV".
K-team small robots Kilobot
Research platform to promote understanding of group control and realize wide range of possibilities
K-team small robots Khepera IV
Khepera IV
Small autonomous mobile robot equipped with camera, infrared sensor, ultrasonic sensor

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