Entry Level Career

Who’s next for some world-shifting challenge?
At ZMP, We have engineers from 17 different nations gathered together at the heart of Japan. Because 60 percent of the members are not Japanese and the official language is English, Japanese is not compulsory here. We believe that by taking the knowledge we each have and openly discussing ideas to aim for the same goal, we can create services and products which serve a real purpose in society. We also have many engineers who move to Japan to join ZMP. This makes our company culture quite unique.

ZMP is a place where achievement is acknowledged. Regardless of age or background, for those who work hard to achieve goals, there are always new and challenging tasks. These opportunities for growth give chance for everyone to build on their skills which can be applied not just at ZMP but in other places in the world. We believe it is a great workplace for someone who loves challenges.​ ​

Our core business is in autonomous driving where we not only develop technology to enable autonomous driving vehicles, but also other services which take advantage of the same technology. Japan is encountering numerous issues due to its rapid aging in population. These issues include phenomena such as lack of workers in product distribution and emergence of people who have problems accessing adequate food sources. We firmly believe that the introduction of autonomous driving technology can solve, if not act as a catalyst to change such circumstances for the better.​ ​

We are still very much at a startup level where every contribution counts in making our dream come true. ZMP offers an opportunity for even young members to make significant contributions and build on her of his skills.

Obtained a Diploma,Bachelor’s/Master’s/Doctorates degree between September 2018 and September 2019. Must have working experience of less than 1 year​ ​
Can enjoy the growth stage of a Startup.
Proficiency in Business level English (Japanese is not required).

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