Frequently asked questions

About adoption / selection

Q Please tell us who you are looking for.

A Sincere and generous person who can challenge new things and work together.

Also, those who sympathize with the ZMP mission and meet the ZMP Value.

Please check the below link for our core values, -ZMP Value- which is expected to be possessed by the personnel​ ​

 →Values possessed by our human resources

Q Do I have to be able to speak English?

A There are many foreign engineers in our company. English is a very important communication tool, but since it is considered as a tool only, we do not have any special weights on screening. However, English will become indispensable in the future, so after joining the company, we would like you to learn it and improve through your daily works.

Q Are there application restrictions on age and educational background?

A For employment qualifications of our company, please see the application guidelines.
Please see here for the job type you are looking for.

Q Can you introduce OB / OG?

A Please apply at "ZMPcafe" or contact the recruitment group ( by email. In addition, since our company does not employ a recruiting system, interviews with OB / OG do not directly lead to recruitment. Please note that this is an interview for corporate understanding only.

Q Can you choose your desired job title / assignment?

A We will ask your wishes at each stage of selection. Ultimately we will consider your wishes and appropriateness and decide where you will be assigned.

Q Please tell us about the selection process.

A The selection process is as shown below.

STEP 1: Document selection
Please apply by mail or email. (* Please submit your resume and career history.) We will contact you within 5 business days after submitting the documents.
STEP 2: First interview (Interviewer: Leader / Director)
STEP 3: Final interview (Interviewer: Director)
STEP 4: Job offer
We will conduct interviews and proceed with the selection. The standard selection period is about two weeks.
​ ​For selected candidates who are staying in places except Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo and Kanagawa, the first round is a skype interview and the second round is a skype interview or interview at our office. (Transportation expenses will be reimbursed)

Q Can foreign nationals apply?

A Foreign nationals are eligible for all job positions. Internal communication is conducted in both English and Japanese, so if you can speak English, there is no problem.

About work, transfer, relocation

Q How is work evaluated?

A Once every six months, consult with your boss in advance to set goals, and half a year later, you will receive an evaluation of how you worked. The evaluation is reflected in bonuses, salary increases and promotions. In addition, about evaluation of each employee, we receive feedback during interview with your superior.

Q Do you have personnel changes between projects after joining the company? Is it possible?

A We support diverse career development. Experience in different departments and jobs is also meaningful for becoming a human resource for the future of our company. Rotation is carried out as necessary, taking into account the needs of each person, job aptitude, and the needs of each department according to business development.

Q Can I choose my work place?

A Since the Head office is at Tokyo, at first you will be assigned at the Koishikawa office in Bunkyo-ku.

Q Is there a lot of transfer?

A No transfer.

Q Is there a collaboration between each business (company)?

A We are jointly developing new products and proposing new services beyond the boundaries of each operating company. Our Group companies are​ ​ZMP Vietnam,​ ​AeroSense Inc.,​ ​​ ​ZEG Inc., and AIRO Inc.

Q Are there opportunities to work overseas?

A We are considering overseas expansion of ZMPVietnam and our services in the future. So, opportunities to work overseas will increase.

About education and training

Q Is any training provided after joining?

A For about three months after joining the company, senior employees will be assigned as mentors and will work while learning about their work together. Basically, OJT is the center for acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills while actually working, but if necessary, you can acquire the necessary skills while consulting with senior employees.

About treatment system / benefit welfare system

Q Please tell me about the company housing / dormitory system

A ZMP has no company housing or dormitories, but it is possible to introduce intermediaries, etc., upon request.

Q How many paid leaves can I get?

A After joining the company, 10 days of paid leave per year are guaranteed after serving an initial 6 months of employment. Thereafter, 1 day of paid leave is added for each subsequent year of service, and finally flattening out to 20 days a year. Up to 20 days of paid leave can be carried over to the next year, in which the maximum paid leave for the following year is 40 days. As for the ease of acquisition, there are engineers who return to their home countries at the end of the year, so you can plan your leave accordingly by scheduling your tasks.

Q How much overtime do you actually have?

A Overtime hours vary depending on how the work is carried out, but the actual overtime hours for sales staff is about 20 hours / month, and for engineers is about 10 hours / month.

About female success

Q How many woman staffs are working?

A About 20 people (about 20% of the total) are working.

Q How long have you acquired childcare leave?

A Rate of use of child care leave is 100% and the women work continuity after the childbirth is 100%. In addition to women, we have a track record of men taking maternity/paternity leave.

Q What happens when I return to work after childcare leave?

A At the time of returning, as a basic principle, you will return to the same department with the same position as before the leave.

About the business of ZMP

Q What type of business are we involved in?

A Click the below link for more details on ZMP products and services.

ZMP products and services

We currently provide services and products in five categories.

② RoboCar Innovation
③ CarriRo Creation
④ IZAC Revolution
⑤ RoboTest Solution

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