Frequently asked questions

About adoption / selection

Q Please tell me who you are looking for.

A "Human resources that can challenge new things and act by growing on their own" Having an idea / dream that becomes your own axis, even when you encounter changes in the environment, unknown things, difficult things, brightly and positively I can challenge. In addition, we are looking for a person who can work hard with my friends who have a large field of vision, respect each other and value the diversity.

Q Do I have to be able to speak English?

A There are many foreign engineers in our company, English is a very important communication tool, but since it is considered as a tool only, we do not have any special weights on screening. However, English will become indispensable in the future, so after joining the company, I would like to learn through my daily work and improve my English.

Q Are there application restrictions on age and educational background?

A For employment qualifications of our company, please see the application guidelines.
Please see here for the job type you are looking for.

Can you introduce Q OB / OG?

We do not introduce from A recruitment group. However, we do not limit you to meet with OB / OG in order to better understand our company, so I would like you to contact me individually. Since we do not have a recruit system, we do not directly interview OB / OG, so please understand in advance that it is an interview for company understanding.

Q Can you attach to your desired job title / assignment?

A We will ask your wishes at each stage of selection. Ultimately we will consider your wishes and appropriateness and decide where you will be assigned.

Q Please tell us about the selection process.

The selection process isFlow of adoptionWe post it. In addition, because we place importance on work / company matching with applicants, please be aware that there are also minor changes due to your company / job type understanding degree etc.

Q Can I also apply for foreign nationality?

A Foreign nationals will also be eligible for employment in all occupations. In-house communication is conducted in either English or Japanese, so if you can speak English, it is not a problem.

About work, transfer, relocation

Q How is work evaluated?

A Once a half year, we set up targets by consulting with our boss in advance, and after half a year we have been evaluated on the achievement of "how we made efforts and how much results", and the evaluation is based on bonuses, salary increases It is reflected in promotion. As for each evaluation, feedback is done while receiving an interview from the boss.

Q Do you have personnel changes between projects after joining the company? Is it also possible?

A All hope does not come true, but we support various forms of career formation. Because it is meaningful to experience different departments / work as a human resource to bear the future of the Company, consider the needs of each department according to the individual's hope, job suitability, and business development , And rotate as necessary.

Q Can I hope for my work place?

A Since our company will be in Tokyo, we will first work at the office of Koishikawa.

Q Is there a lot of transfer (relocation)?

A There is no such thing.

Q Is there a collaboration between each business (company)?

A There is. Beyond the boundaries of each operating company, we jointly develop new products and propose new services. To the group companyAerosense, Inc.YaZEG Inc.CarTomo Inc.There is a company such as.

Q Are there opportunities to work overseas?

A Because there are no bases overseas, I do not work, but I am considering overseas deployment of our service in the future, so I think that opportunities to work abroad, such as through business trips, will increase.

About education and training

Q How is training after joining Q?

About three months after joining A, senior employees will be appointed as mentors and will work while learning work together. Basically, OJT which acquires the necessary knowledge and skills actually with regard to business is the center, but as necessary it is possible to acquire necessary skill while talking with senior employees.

About treatment system / benefit welfare system

Q Please tell me about the company housing / dormitory system.

A ZMP does not have company housing or dormitory, so it is necessary to arrange by yourself. There is no burden etc of housing expenses at present.

Q How much can I get paid vacation?

A first year in company A can be paid leave of 10 days a year after joining the company six months after joining, one day per year of service will be added one day at a time and will be granted every year up to 20 days a year. Up to 40 days can be carried forward up to the following year. As for the ease of acquisition, there are also engineers who return to their home countries at the end of the year, so you can acquire them according to your wishes if you adjust the work.

Q How much overtime do you actually have?

Regarding overtime work, each employee depends on how you work, but the actual hours worked overtime for sales positions is around 20 hours / month, while for engineers they are around 10 hours / month.

About female success

Q How many women's staff are there?

A Together with regular employees and temporary staff, about ten people are active. We believe that promotion of female success is also important at our company and we are planning to promote active recruitment in the future regardless of gender.

Q How long have you acquired childcare leave?

A There are no acquirers last fiscal year, but female engineers who have recovered from taking childcare leave are also currently working. Moreover, we have experience not only for women but also for male (comprehensive work) childcare acquisition.

Q What happens when I return to work after childcare leave?

A At the time of returning, as a basic principle, I will return to the same department with the same position as before the leave of absence.

About the business of ZMP

Q What are you doing?

In ZMP, under the mission "apply robot technology to everything, create a safe, fun and convenient lifestyle", we are developing a vehicle RoboCar series for automatic driving vehicles and driving support technology development, CarriRo for distribution logo, 24 hours Cloud service to watch the heart heartomo etc., it is a developing general robot company. January 2001 founded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology under the transfer of technology from the Japan Science and Technology Agency. Japan Robotics Society Practical Technology Award, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "Robot Grand Prize of the Year Best Middle / Small / Venture Company Award, Chairperson of SME Infrastructure Development Organization Chairperson Prize" and many others. We will continue to create innovative products with robot technology and services.

【Business of ZMP】
· Car · Robotics · Platform and sensor · System business
· Automobile development support project
· Connected car business
· Robots for research for universities and enterprises, robot teaching materials

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