Message from CarriRo Leader

【Message by Japanese Sales】

In ZMP new things are born every day and growing big.
By leaving yourself inside, you will acquire the essence of cutting edge technology of mainly autonomous driving and robotics, and technique to market it in.
We are not simply selling robots, but provide solutions to overcome the shortage of labors for users and companies, and ultimately provide comfort and happiness ahead. Let's go on a journey that realizes what you really want to do without being bound by your career so far!​ ​

【Message by Japanese Engineer】

Logistic Support Robot" CarriRo "was originally developed for the purpose of labor saving of logistics, but now we are promoting development to advance automation and robotization as much as possible in places anywhere logistics happens, such as factory, shopping mall, automated home delivery etc. .
The mission of CarriRo is to fundamentally change the flow of things by spreading it everywhere in the world, as the Internet has transformed the flow of information.
We are seeking people like the following.
· One who can work hard with the team without making restrictions on yourself
· One who does not want to work as 'one of them', but wants to work to make a big influence by yourself
· One who wants to make the world better with your own ideas
· One who wishes to fight mixed martial arts on manufacturing
In the “must have” category, we place skills that are at the very core of our every day work: strong C or C++ background, good grasp of commercial aspects of the product development and, finally, a basic understanding of embedded systems.

In the “nice to have” group, we have two types of skillsets: ones that may take years to master and ones that you can pick up on the job. While working with us, you will learn about agile software development and using test equipment to debug the software. On the other hand, if you are an excellent software architect, a control theory guru or a DSP wizard, we may forgive you for not knowing how to set up a GPIO interrupt!