Message from the CarriRo Deli leader

【Message by Malaysia engineer】

If you love to play and create things, you have found the right company.
Everyday we rapidly transform an idea into a reality, we have so much fun in the process of making it

Being fun and fast is part of our DNA, if you are searching for a place to turn your exciting ideas into reality, our team is excited to support you and make them happen.
We are here to make cool products that the world admires.

【Message by French Engineer】

ZMP is company where you can fully unleash your potential as the opportunities here are far beyond human imagination.
There is no other company where you can work on so many broad areas of engineering.
We have for mission to bring robots to the world and our passion is self learning.
do you like to work on cutting edge technology and challenge on daily basis ?
If yes, here we are, join us !

【Message by Turk engineer】

"In ZMP, you can have a fun environment to work on interesting projects and solve real life problems using robots and intelligent systems. Come join us and put theory into application."

【Message by French Engineer】

ZMP is a company aiming to make everyday life easier for everybody.
By working there you are not only working on the latest robotics technologies, you are also making the world a better place.
What I love the most in ZMP is that you are given the possibility of trying and developing new ideas.