Message from Image Recognition Leader

【Message by Italian Engineer】

I love Nature and Technology.

Self driving technology will allow for safer, cheaper, and faster mobility of people and goods. Cities will have smaller roads, no parking spaces, more green parks, and cleaner air.

What I love about ZMP is that I can develop self driving technologies in a truly international environment, where ideas are encouraged and the diversity is valued.

【Message by Japanese Engineer】

In my team we are responsible for developing stereo cameras.​ ​
The technology behind our stereo cameras acts as foundation for not only our autonomous driving technology but also for robotics.​ ​

Apart from cameras, there are many sensors like LIDAR, millimeter-wave radars and ultrasonic radars which are used in the ADAS and autonomous driving technology.
The quality of such sensors have been improving, However, there are still miss misrecognitions and other objects which neither the millimeter-wave radar or LiDAR can recognize.​ ​

At ZMP, we put a lot of emphasis on vision sensing and the way in which the CMOS sensor for our recent cameras have evolved is rather astonishing.​ ​

For instance, we introduced a sensor which has a wide dynamic range of 120dB, meaning it can see in various situations from very dark tunnels to direct reflection of a sunlight. On top of this, it has the capacity to output an amazing volume of 24bit.
I believe that we were able to make this into a product so quickly because we took advantage of being a small venture firm.​ ​

However, even with the introduction of such a revolutionary sensor, the mainstream market relies much more heavily on 8bit for image processing. This implies that with the current understanding of development tools and libraries in the market, we must put more effort in making this sensor become used to its fullest capabilities.​ ​

At our vision team, like the rest of ZMP, we welcome individuals who are able to think outside the box and venture into new technologies.​ ​

What do you say to challenging the status quo? How about making possible the things which were thought to be “impossible” ? Let’s take your next big idea and the most recent technology to make things happen!​ ​