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Logistics support robot CarriRo FD tracking model

Karugamo mode operation image
The tracking model CarriRo® FD is an entry model of the logistics support robot CarriRo® that can be introduced without changing existing equipment.
As a feature of CarriRo® FD, it is a model equipped with a drive mode that drives the motor to reduce the transport load and a Karugamo mode that can follow up to two units.

Features of CarriRo® FD

1. Follow firmly! Karugamo mode

In the Karugamo mode, where two cameras follow the trajectory of light from a beacon light transmitter, the running speed is adjusted according to the distance to the beacon (up to a maximum speed of 6 km/h). Drive slowly when approaching and quickly when away, and follow the lead.
Karugamo mode driving demo

2. Turn wisely! U-turn mode

When a U-turn is required in a narrow passage such as between shelves in a warehouse, tilting the joystick during follow-up mode rotates the main body 180° so that you can continue to follow.
U-turn mode driving demo

3. Use existing carts! Tow attachment

By using the optional towing attachment, you can tow basket carts, slim carts and hand lifts. It can be easily attached and detached, and it can be flexibly used according to your trolley.
Use of traction attachment

Logistics support robot CarriRo® FD Follow-up model introduction video

This is an introduction video of a user who utilizes the tracking model of the logistics support robot CarriRo®.
You can see the real CarriRo® which is used at the work sites.

Gworker LLC
MC Healthcare Co., Ltd.
Ueda Corporation

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5 year lease
Following model:​ ​Monthly 34,000 JPY / 1 unit

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