In Alphabetical order

Intel Corporation

Strengthening partnership by supporting autonomous driving technology

NVIDIA Corporation
Provide GPU technology for image processing and artificial intelligence, enabling development and production of self-driving systems from ADAS to fully autonomous
Komatsu Ltd.
Collaboration in construction and mining machine unmanned and autonomous operation
JVC KENWOOD Corporation
miuro acoustic design partner. Co-founded 2013 CARMO CO., LTD.
Sony Corporation
Collaboration of sensors and cameras for autonomous driving vehicles. Co-founded Aerosense Co., Ltd.
Telemotive AG
Telemotive is a subsidiary of LIN, CAN, FlexRay, MOST.
It is a specialist in a complex automobile network such as Ethernet and Bluetooth, and it is known as an important partner in the product development of each automobile manufacturer.
International Dentsu International Information Service Co., Ltd. [] Collaboration utilizing autonomous driving technology and robot technology
Nagoya University
We introduce our RoboCar® HV from 2013 and conduct automatic driving research. Collaboration by automatic driving in public road in 2014
Nisshinbo Holdings Corporation [] Collaboration in the fields of communication technology and sensing technology
Hertz United Group Inc.
Establishment of ZEG Co., Ltd., which carries out "Business related to experiments for debugging and data collection for automobile industry"
Rideon Express Co., Ltd. [] Collaborative demonstration experiment of CarriRo Delivery