Logistics​ ​

Solutions to logistics issues

Here we introduce solutions for the current state of the logistics industry. The solution introduces elements such as the introduction of a logistics system and the introduction of a logistics robot.

Logistics solution

Demands for logistics sites are increasing with the ever-increasing flow rate and the sophistication of services according to customer needs. On the other hand, logistics solutions are provided by companies to realize this at logistics sites that are required to reduce labor force and to reduce logistics costs, and to meet conflicting requirements.

There are six basic activities for logistics, and the logistics system streamlines and optimizes each activity, but the logistics solution is an effort to link and streamline six logistics activities.

Information distribution is an important element of the logistics solution, by providing various solution services that utilize information gathered using IT, we are responding to the problem solving needs of SCM (Supply Chain Management).

Benefits of Logistics Solutions

Logistics solutions that integrate various information.
 ・Provide high-performance, high-quality operation provision
・ Supply chain network support
· Support for maintaining an optimal system through management and improvement activities.

can be realized.

The benefits are
・ Logistics cost reduction
・ Improvement of transportation efficiency
・ Improving logistics service levels

are expected.

In addition, employee loyalty is expected to improve as a result of improvements in the working environment at logistics sites.

Toward the introduction of logistics solutions

Logistics solutions and systems should not be improved only at the time of change.

Logistics solutions consist of various services and software, such as support for planning logistics strategies based on corporate management strategies, business analysis, introduction of logistics systems, and introduction of logistics robots in order to improve long-term productivity.

It is necessary to consider “operation” and “management” after introduction.

About the components of the logistics solution

Below, are the elements that support logistics solutions.

In logistics solutions, there are logistics systems that connect on-site information, and logistics robots that make moving goods more efficient.

About logistics system
There are six activities in logistics, including transportation, storage, cargo handling, packaging, distribution processing, and information. There are systems for making these activities more efficient and systems for integrated management. The system types in each activity are introduced below.

Delivery plan management system, transportation industry support system

Warehouse management system (WMS), storage system linked with robots, inventory management system using RFID

Automatic packaging system using a robot

Inspection system, picking system

There are various systems such as demand forecasting system, freight pursuit system and production management system.​ ​
For details on each system, please also refer to the logistics system that solves logistics issues.

Logistics system to solve logistics issues

About Logistics robots
Each activity at the logistics site involves human work, there is also an active movement to turn the labor of those people into robots.

As robots used in logistics, various robots such as automatic shelf handling robots, AGVs, Autonomous Driving cars and drones that are used in Amazon warehouses have been developed to reduce human workload.

For details on robots used in logistics, please refer to the logistics system that solves logistics issues.

Logistics robot to solve logistics problems

ZMP logistics solution

For physical distribution issues, ZMP develops and provides products and services that utilize robot technology and Autonomous Driving technology.

◆ Efforts to move things
To support the transport of goods by truck we developed "Logistics support robot CarriRo®", and "Delivery robot CarriRo® Deli" towards the elimination of the last one mile problem.

Logistics Support Robot CarriRo®

One of the logistics support robots is CarriRo®.

CarriRo® is an electric cart-type robot that can be operated with a joystick, a drive mode that automatically follows a beacon, and a product that can run automatically with an Autonomous Movement function.

販売開始から累計200 ユーザー以上の導入実績があり、自律移動による新たな付加価値により物流拠点や工場を始め、ホテルなどのサービス業界と様々な分野に導入が広がっております。

Delivery robot CarriRo® Deli​ ​

The CarriRo® Deli has a delivery box on the platform, and it automatically travels at a maximum speed of 6 km while recognizing the surrounding environment with a camera or laser sensor at 360 degrees.
In addition, remote monitoring and remote control are also possible, and it is possible to introduce a system that includes applications for ordering management.

With a load capacity of up to 50 kg, it can be used in a variety of applications such as collection of goods to a home, moving stores, presentation of surprise presents on important days.
Logistics support robot CarriRo®
Assist function, Tracking function, Autonomous Movement function
CarriRo® Deli
Delivery robot equipped with Autonomous Driving function