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Logistics solution provided by ZMP

We introduce a bogie-type logistics support robot CarriRo® equipped with an autonomous driving function and a delivery robot service CarriRo® Deli. We will also introduce development support services that utilize autonomous driving vehicles.

Logistics support robot CarriRo®

CarriRo® is a bogie type Logistics support robot with Autonomous Driving function available in Drive mode, Karugamo mode were a joystick can be operated to follow a beacon (transmitter) and Autonomous Moving mode. CarriRo® has a track record of more than 100 users since the start of its sales and after the introduction of Autonomous Moving mode in November last year. CarriRo® has not only introduced in logistics bases and factories but also in-service industries like hotel.
CarriRo® offers a variety of series, which can be adapted to the needs of the field.

1. CarriRo® FD: Model equipped with assist and tracking function​ ​
2. CarriRo® AD: Autonomous moving function equipped model​ ​
3. CarriRo® Ride: A model that allows operators to ride on​ ​
4. CarriRo® external function linkage model: Model equipped with external device linkage function​ ​

You can see details of each model below.
Assist function, Tracking function, Autonomous Movement function
CarriRo® AD Autonomous Moving model
The latest model equipped with an Autonomous movement function utilizing landmarks
CarriRo® AD Autonomous Moving model
The latest model equipped with Autonomous Moving function utilizing landmark

    Delivery robot service CarriRo® Deli​ ​

    We announced the concept of delivery robot in July 2017 and announced the new model of delivery robot CarriRo® Deli at the ZMP Forum.

    CarriRo® Deli is a delivery robot that can move Autonomously to realize delivery service offer packaged applications for shopper and stores and IT services.
    This year, we carried out a CarriRo® Deli service demonstration test that actually delivers products and receives payment in the campus of Keio University.
    Autonomous driving technology is going to "an era from development to use". We are moving to the phase of making the world more convenient by creating new industries in the future and promoting regional development.

    Currently, we are looking for business partner to make CarriRo® Deli the first home delivery robot service in Japan.

    For more details on CarriRo® Deli please see below.
    CarriRo® Deli
    Provide last one mile solution with delivery robot

    Development support service utilizing Autonomous Driving vehicle

    ZMP has developed the Autonomous Driving computer IZAC® and has been developing its own Autonomous Driving technology.

    In this service, we will provide software, dispatch application, driving management system and consulting service for realizing driving scenarios from self-driving vehicle hardware by utilizing the experience and knowledge accumulated so far.

    Vehicle hardware can be selected from passenger cars to buses and trucks upon request.
    Also, In addition to vehicles, we will conduct surveys and proposals including remodeling of hardware in response to requests from railway vehicles and construction machines.

    For details of the service, please refer to the following page.
    In addition to RoboCar® for Autonomous Driving, we will realize innovation of customers business and operations by modifying or customizing hardware and software for controlling vehicles used by customers.
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