Launched RoboCar MiniVan, minivan type development vehicle equipped with automatic operation software "Autoware"

Automatic operation software "Autoware" loaded

Sales of minivan type development vehicle RoboCar MiniVan started

ZMP Inc. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taniguchi Hisashi , following ZMP) is, today, to ZMP RoboCar MiniVan Autonomous Driving mounted with the open source software "Autoware" for system Autonomous Driving "RoboCar MiniVan Autoware basic package of vehicle We will start selling it.
Autoware is an open source software for Autonomous Driving system based on Linux and ROS (Robot Operating System) which was developed by the research group of Nagoya University and is open to research and development of Autonomous Driving.

By installing an environmental sensor such as a laser radar and a camera on a commercially available hybrid car base automatic driving technology development platform RoboCar and installing Autoware as automatic driving software, while recognizing the position of the car and the surrounding objects, the car navigation system It is possible to run autonomously on the route. Up to now we have sold a package with Autoware to RoboCar HV based on a five-seater passenger car, but we will sell a package with Autoware to RoboCar MiniVan based on a seven passenger minivan type vehicle this time. Based on RoboCar MiniVan, it is possible to apply it to advanced research and development by installing equipment such as large computers in the vehicle, and to research and development of automatic driving vehicles assuming to carry more people I can do it.

ZMP performs tuning of RoboCar MiniVan for selection of sensor and installation on vehicle, installation of Autoware and smooth control of the vehicle, running test on the test course, and then delivers the automated driving system as a test vehicle To do. At the same time, we will provide technical support services according to your request, and will support your research and development of smooth automatic driving technology.

Price starts at 23.8 million yen (excluding tax) ~ from today.

In addition, RoboCar MiniVan will be exhibited at the ZMP forum held from August 31.

RoboCar will be held at October 12 - 18 (Tokyo) and November 8 - 14 (Nagoya), Associate Professor Shinpei Kato of the University of Tokyo's Information Science and Technology Department will work as a comprehensive producer " Automatic driving system construction cram school "It is also used as a vehicle for short seminars.

"Automatic driving system construction cram school" Short term intensive seminar.

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RoboCar Minivan Autoware Package 23.8 million yen (excluding tax) ~

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Dates: Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - Friday September 2 (Fri) 10: 00-17: 00 (The first day is a social gathering (scheduled for 18: 00-20: 00)

Venue: Bersart Roppongi




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