Started selling actual 1/10 scale robot car corresponding to MATLAB / Simulink simulation

It corresponds to simulation by MATLAB / Simulink
Start selling 1/10 scale robot cars on actual vehicles
- Route design such as automatic parking and obstacle avoidance can be compared with simulation and actual machine -

ZMP Inc. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Taniguchi Hisashi , hereinafter ZMP) has started selling actual 1/10 scale robot cars compatible with MATLAB / Simulink simulation today.

"RoboCar 1/10 MATLAB connection 2017" will start selling today from 200,000 yen (excluding tax). This product consists of RoboCar 1/10 2016, an autonomous driving technology development platform for real car 1/10 scale, and latest software "RoboCar 1/10 MATLAB connection 2017" compatible with MATLAB / Simulink. RoboCar 1/10 2016 is a 1/10 scale autonomous driving technology development platform of a real vehicle equipped with sensors to comprehend the surrounding environment, research and development of autonomous driving and driving support technologies, research based on autonomous movement · employees We are taking advantage of such as training. In this "RoboCar 1/10 MATLAB connection 2017", we have prepared a library for connecting MATLAB / Simulink and RoboCar 1/10 2016 and a vehicle model for route design.

 本製品では、MATLAB/SimulinkプログラムからRoboCar 1/10 2016を制御することでMATLAB/Simulink上での経路設計やシミュレーション確認及び実機との比較が可能となります。例えば自動駐車や車線変更、障害物回避などの自動走行の研究開発の場合、目標の位置と向きに従って最適(ハンドル操作がスムーズかつ横Gの少ない)な経路を算出し、車両二輪モデルを用いてMATLAB/Simulinkにより操舵角の推定を行います。この操舵角に基づきMATLAB/Simulink上でのシミュレーションを行うことができ、計画した経路とシミュレーション結果との比較や、その差異に基づく経路制御が可能となります。同じMATLAB/SimulinkプログラムによりRoboCar 1/10の実機の動作が可能なため、シミュレーションおよび実環境でのセンサデータを用いた実験を効率的に行うことが可能となります。

Sensor value acquisition image

Simulink model

RoboCar 1/10 MATLAB connection 2017

· Route design
Calculate the route toward any position and direction, estimate the steering angle using the vehicle two-wheel model, and run simulation and actual machine. It is possible to check the path of the design, simulation results, and locus of RoboCar 1/10.
·​ ​RoboCar simulation
The locus of the simulation result obtained by the input value of the steering angle and the speed, the actual steering angle of RoboCar 1/10, the locus of travel by the speed are superimposed on the graph and displayed.
·​ ​RoboCar controller (1)
This application is capable of real-time operation of RoboCar 1/10 2016 with MATLAB. Control of steering angle and speed and obstacle avoidance operation by infrared ranging sensor are possible.
·​ ​RoboCar controller (2)
In addition to the function of "RoboCar controller (1)", measurement values ​​of infrared ranging sensor, gyro sensor and acceleration sensor can be displayed in real time.
·​ ​Laser range sensor
Update and display the value of the laser range sensor (option) installed in RoboCar in 100 ms. In addition to the display on the horizontal plane, the distance to the obstacle is graphed and displayed.
·​ ​Tracking Demo
You can record the trajectory of RoboCar 1/10 remotely and perform autonomous driving.

Operating System
PC:OS/Windows 8, Windows 10 ソフトウェア:MATLAB/Simulink 2017 
RoboCar 1/10 2016 + MATLAB connection 2017
General 1,240,000 yen (tax not included) / Academic 1,120,000 yen (excluding tax)
(It is a set of RoboCar 1/10 2016 LRF option and MATLAB connection 2017)

  RoboCar 1/10 MATLABコネクション2017 200,000円(税別)
(It is an option for those who already have RoboCar 1/10 2016)
※ MATLAB / Simulink is not included in the above price.

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