Autonomous Driving taxi service trial on public roads video release

-Autonomous Taxi running on busy streets in the inner city-

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Taniguchi Hisashi, hereinafter referred to as ZMP) has released a video of Autonomous Driving taxi service trial on public roads. The service trial was carried out from August 27 to September 8, 2018.

The vehicle is developed by ZMP and operated by Hinomaru Kotsu Co., Ltd. (President & CEO, Kazutaka Tomita, hereinafter referred to as HINOMARU Kotsu). The route distance is approximately 5.3 km connecting Otemachi Financial City Grand Cube (Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo) and Roppongi Hills (Minato-ku, Tokyo). We took a business run in the central area where taxis are in high demand. In this video, we picked up characteristic scenes such as right / left turns and lane change captured from inside and outside the car.

ZMP and HINOMARU Kotsu commenced collaboration in June 2017 with the aim of commercializing an Autonomous Driving taxi services in 2020. We improved Autonomous Driving algorithm through collecting traveling data of skilful taxi drivers and hearing of driving know-how. It has led to the realization of natural driving along the flow of traffic and improvement of ride comfort. HINOMARU Kotsu driver learned the operation of the Autonomous Driving vehicle on the seat and the test course and they supported the safe driving. In addition, ZMP developed an allocation system for Autonomous Driving taxis. ZMP developed a smartphone application for customers to book and get an Autonomous Driving taxi, a car tablet application that performs route confirmation, settlement operation at getting off, etc., and a system to monitor running at remote locations and smooth operation of taxi service.

Together with the HINOMARU Kotsu, ZMP will proceed with the verification of technology and services with the aim of commercializing an Autonomous Driving taxi based on the results of this service trial.

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Inside the car

State of running

Please check the video of running Autonomous Driving taxi on public road

In addition,we are developing services to provide the Autonomous Driving system and reservation system utilized in this service trial to our customers who are considering business using MaaS.

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