Started the sale for customizable in-vehicle integrated measurement system

- Provide a complete set of systems that can integrate multiple types of sensors and easily measure data when driving a vehicle -

ZMP Inc. (Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, CEO: Hisashi Taniguchi, hereinafter referred to as ZMP) will begin to sell customizable in-vehicle integrated measurement system as one of the menus of the RoboTest® service for acquisition of running data.

Nowadays, as the revitalization of the ADAS market and the development of Autonomous Driving technologies are progressing, it is becoming increasingly important to acquire driving data on public roads in those developments. Along with this, the types of sensors used are diversified, technical man-hours from design to development increases, and data measurement man-hours tend to increase to respond to a wide variety of needs.

With ZMP, by providing RoboTest®, a driving data acquisition solution, we can provide you with a single pass through from designing measurement systems to mounting on vehicles, assigning drivers, and data processing.We will beginthe sale of "in-vehicle integrated measurement system" which can measure simultaneously with respect to multiple kinds of sensors such as vehicle CAN information, in-vehicle / outside camera, laser sensor, position / attitude information, etc. which were demanded through RoboTest® project.

[Configuration Example of In-Vehicle Integrated Measurement System]

[Screen example of logging application]

This automotive integrated measurement system is a system that combines a measurement logging computer and a sensor. By using our own logging application for measurement, we have basic functions such as simultaneous measurement start function of various sensors and confirmation of logging status. In addition, it is also possible to customize according to the number of sensors used, the type and the data format requirements of each customer. In addition to sensors with proven track record with ZMP, ZMP can receive sensors that customers possess, set up and deliver them. By using this in-vehicle integrated measurement system, system design and development period can be greatly shortened and operation man-hours and data analysis time can be drastically reduced compared with the case of introducing disparate measuring equipment.

【Typical installed equipment example for in-vehicle integrated measurement system】

· Monocular camera (Web camera) , Industrial camera
· GPS device (ZMP Position-Z) , Stereo camera (RoboVision® 2)
· IMU device (ZMP IMU - Z 2) , vehicle CAN measurement (ZMP CANUSB - Z)
· Electrocardiograph (ZMP ECG 2) , Temperature / humidity / luminometer
9. 3D-LiDAR

【About RoboTest®】
Since 2012, ZMP has been providing data acquisition support services when driving on public roads, taking advantage of its own experience in Autonomous Driving technology development and testing. In addition to collecting and managing drivers necessary for driving, upstream processes such as designing and building systems (loggers) required for driving data acquisition, vehicle arrangements, and necessary installation / modification is done. It is a service that can greatly reduce the time and effort of customers by implementing it all at once.

① Consulting for acquiring travel data
② Development of data acquisition system (hardware, software)
③ Operation management of recruitment and management of drivers, data acquisition
④ Data postprocessing (tagging, format conversion etc. according to customer requirement specifications)
⑤ Analysis and report of acquired data

For details of RoboTest®, please visit the following website.

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