Logistics support robot CarriRo® introduced in Health care industry

-Introduced for the purpose to improve the efficiency of work in the warehouse and reduced the transportation working hours by half-

The logistics support robot CarriRo® FD (following model), a product sold by ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi, hereafter ZMP) was introducesd to a warehouse handling medical products of MC Healthcare, Inc. in Minato-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Osamu Miyashita). The intention is to automate transport work thus reducing the burden on workers who are involved in handling heavy products.

[CarriRo® introduction case study] MC Healthcare, Inc.
Example URL:https://www.zmp.co.jp/carriro/detail_mc-healthcare

MC Health Care, Inc. was established in April 2010 as a hospital management partner, “professional to support the forefront of medical care”. Main operations include "regional collaboration procurement and hospital joint purchase", "SPD operation with medical material article management and distribution management * 1", "management support through statistics and analysis", "hospital reconstruction and medical equipment support", etc. We are always in close contact with the medical field widely and are contributing to make Japan's medical care richer in the future.

This time, CarriRo® was introduced as an immediate solution method in order to improve the efficiency of transporting medical equipment within the warehouse. The following advantages of CarriRo® have been cited as the reason for its introduction, and the below two points have shown great appeal.

1 Can be introduced without the need for major changes in the current site layout and work flow environment
2 Can be pulled up to a maximum of 300 kg

Especially when considering the introduction of a large robot, it is necessary for some preparation like “to know how to install and use” and “change of layout in the large warehouse”, but in the case of CarriRo® the installation is easy.We received comments like "It was very helpful that we could do it easily."

Since after the introduction of CarriRo®, the transfer work which has been taking about 3 hours has reduced to about 1.5 hours and we received good feedback from the operator, "It is speeding up considerably and I would like to use it"​ ​
For future development, first of all CarriRo® AD (Autonomous movement model) is introduced with top priority given to reducing travel time from arrival to receipt of goods and by using FD (following model) behind it, to transfer autonomously without any human support which is considered to further improve productivity.

The logistics support robot CarriRo® is a product developed using ZMP 's Autonomous Driving technology. The purpose of CarriRo® is to save labor and increase efficiency by reducing load of carrying work in the logistics industry because of labor shortage due to the declining birthrate and aging population. The logistics support robot CarriRo® is particularly used in the logistics industry where human labor shortage is a severe crisis. Currently CarriRo® has a track record of more than 100 users since the start of its sales and after the introduction of Autonomous Moving mode in November last year. CarriRo® has not only introduced in logistics bases and factories but also in-service industries like hotel.

※1  SPD業務とは:Supply Processing &  Distributionの略。医療材料等の物品管理・物流管理の業務を指します。

【Product Web URL】https://www.zmp.co.jp/carriro/

【Product price】
CarriRo® FD (2019 model (Following model)): 5 year lease with monthly charge of 34,000 yen (excluding tax) / 1 unit
CarriRo® AD (Autonomous Moving Model): 5 year lease with monthly charge 52,000 yen (excluding tax) / 1 unit

【Main Specifications】
. Body weight: 55 kg
. Size Width: 61 cm × Depth 91 cm × Height 24 cm * Handle part is 96 cm
· Maximum load: 150 kg
. Maximum speed: 6 km / h (Drive/Following mode) and 3 km / h (Autonomous Moving mode)
. Traction: 250 N (equivalent to 300 kg) * It depends on the condition of the road and bogie.
. Charging time: 2.5 hours
. Operating time: 8 hours * It may be different depending on the operating condition
※ Although the above specifications of "Autonomous Moving" model are basically assumed to be the same as the 2018 model (Following model).There is a possibility of change in the future.​ ​

【CarriRo® Homepage】
※ Please check the above link for other case studies.

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