Genichi Tamatsuka, President & CEO of DIGITAL HEARTS HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. to speak at ZMP World 2019

-Announcement of a new test service for robot development-

Digital Hearts Holdings
President and CEO Genichi Tamatsuka

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) will hold ZMP World 2019 at Belsalle Iidabashi First from July 23rd (Tuesday) to 26th (Friday), 2019 and Genichi Tamatsuka, President & CEO of DIGITAL HEARTS HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. in Shinjuku,Tokyo to speak at ZMP World 2019.

ZMP and Digital Hearts Holdings, Inc. have established a joint venture, ZEG Co., Ltd. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Ryu Kentaro, hereinafter ZEG) in 2015. We have provided RoboTest, a road test and data collection service on public roads and test courses, using ZMP's data logger system that acquires vehicle and sensor data during actual driving for the automotive industry. ZEG combines the technology that ZMP has cultivated in robotics and Autonomous Driving technology development, and the high-level know-how, manpower and management capabilities related to testing that Digital Hearts has made strong over the years, while supporting customer research and development, we have accumulated experience and know-how on various tests. Furthermore, in recent years, we have expanded from the automotive field to the robot development field, such as carrying out operations of demonstration experiments of the unmanned delivery robot CarriRo® Deli developed by ZMP.

Recently, as service robot related venture investments become popular, it is difficult for research institutes and venture companies to arrange testing know-how and systems for social implementation of robots.

As solutions to these social issues, ZEG has made use of the know-how that ZMP and Digital Hearts have cultivated for developing automobiles and robotics so far. The three companies will jointly make a presentation on a new test service, and Mr. Tamatsuka will explain the strength of the test business of Digital Hearts Holdings, which is an important element of this service.

Our business is centered on debugging and system test services that detect software defects and supports the improvement of the quality of various software such as game software, smartphone applications, and business systems. Digital Hearts is an efficient and has supported the product development of its customers by efficiently detecting flaws inherent in various software products, with accumulated testing know-how as a group that specializes in testing from a user perspective, i.e., that carries out user debugging. We provide a high-quality software debugging service and have a track record of over 1,000,000 cases of bug detection and reporting. Being able to offer flexibly is our greatest strength. In addition, by providing a wide range of services from development to maintenance and operation, such as system development, IT support, and security services that are highly compatible with debug and system test services, we provide comprehensive support for software development in client companies.

■ Genichi Tamatsuka
Born in Tokyo in 1962.

Joined Asahi Glass Co., Ltd (now AGC Co., Ltd.) in 1985
Joined Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. in 1998
Took on the position as the President and COO in 2002.​ ​
Established Revamp Corporation in 2005​ ​
President and CEO of Lawson, Inc. in 2014
Currently President and CEO of DIGITAL HEARTS Co., Ltd.

■ Information on the stage
Day 4: July 26th (Friday)
・ 11:30 to 12:00
New development support service business with ZMP, DIGITAL HEARTS, ZEG
Genichi Tamatsuka, President and CEO, DIGITAL HEARTS HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.​ ​
Hisashi Taniguchi, CEO, ZMP Inc.
Ryu Kentaro, General Manager, Robolution Division, ZMP Inc.

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Theme: "From R & D to mass production -Robolution by ZMP-"
Date and Time: From July 23rd (Tuesday) to July 26th (Friday) from 10:00 to 18:00​ ​
Venue:Bellesalle Iidabashi First (2-6-1, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Metropolitan Area, Sumitomo Realty Iidabashi First Tower) Participation fee: Free (The social gathering will be charged)
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