World`s first demonstration of urban transportation infrastructure using MaaS by Autonomous Driving Taxi

-Autonomous Driving taxi service in cooperation with Airport Limousine Bus in central city-

Airport Transport Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, Airport Transport Service), Tokyo City Air Terminal Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, T-CAT), Nihon Kotsu Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, Nihon Kotsu), HINOMARU KOTSU Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, HINOMARU KOTSU), MITSUBISHI ESTATE Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as MITSUBISHI ESTATE), JTB Corp. (hereinafter referred to as JTB), and ZMP Inc. (hereinafter referred to as ZMP) are the seven companies to be involved in the Tokyo Metropolitan Project “Project on Business Model Construction Utilizing Autonomous Driving Technology * 1. We will carry out a trial demonstration of urban transportation infrastructure, that is Autonomous Driving taxi service in cooperation with the airport limousine bus using MaaS * 2. It is the world's first service trial of Autonomous Taxi in cooperation with the airport limousine bus.

Using Autonomous Driving vehicle which ZMP developed, HINOMARU KOTSU, ZMP and MITSUBISHI ESTATE carried out an Autonomous Driving taxi service trial together in Marunouchi area in last summer. It was operated by a taxi proprietor HINOMARU KOTSU. We verified the utilization method to eliminate driver shortage and the effectiveness of the taxi service allocation using ICT technology. This year, we will further develop this initiative, and by linking an airport limousine bus starting from Narita or Haneda Airport to Tokyo City Air Terminal with Autonomous Driving taxi. And we hope to realize smooth movement from the airport to Marunouchi area which is in the city center of Tokyo. The area to be covered by Autonomous Driving taxi is planned to be approximately 3 km connecting Tokyo City Air Terminal (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) and Marunouchi Park Building (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo). In addition, we will verify the commercialization of a new travel service which is adopted MaaS by JTB, through a combined service of Airport limousine bus and Autonomous Driving taxi.

We are aiming to reduce traffic congestion and reduce environmental impact through mobility coordination. We expect that this project can improve the efficiency of movements of the increasing inbound tourist every year, and can support weak people in transportation and confront the problem of driver shortage. Through this program using Autonomous driving and multiple infrastructure collaboration, we will verify the possibility of introducing advanced urban transportation infrastructure in the city, and we aim to further improve the functions of the International city Tokyo.

Outline of the trial (planned)
Timing of Implementation/schedule: November 2019, 2 weeks
Autonomous Driving taxi service route: Between Marunouchi Park Building (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) and Tokyo City Air Terminal (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) (approximately 3 km)
Autonomous Driving Taxi vehicle: MiniVan (ZMP RoboCar®MiniVan type. 2 vehicles)
Organized by: Airport Transport Service Co., Ltd., Tokyo City Air Terminal Co., Ltd., Nihon Kotsu Co., Ltd., HINOMARU KOTSU Co., Ltd., MITSUBISHI ESTATE Co., Ltd., JTB Corp. ZMP Inc.
How to use: Planning to recruit users through our website around September 2019.

Autonomous Driving Taxi trial area

Map Source: Geographical Survey Institute Website ( Process the standard map to create

Role of each company in this project
Autonomous Driving taxi development: ZMP
Autonomous Driving Taxi service: Nihon Kotsu, HINOMARU KOTSU
Airport limousine bus operation: Airport Transport Service
Examination and sales of travel services adapted to MaaS: JTB

※ 1. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Press Release​ ​


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