Started the recruitment of part time software developers

-Recruiting university students with software development experience. We provide a space where you can put your skills into practice-

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) has started recruiting for software development part-time positions. Students doing research in the fields of AI, Autonomous Driving, and robot technology are welcome. You will be involved in software development of robots and services developed by ZMP.

We are developing products and services that utilize AI, Autonomous Driving, and robot technology. Japan, in particular, has the lowest birthrate and aging population in the world. Already, there are many social problems such as a shortage of personnel at logistics sites, people who find difficulties to shop and travel. Robot / Autonomous Driving technology has the potential to solve these social problems.

We think that we can create better products by gathering wisdom from the world, exchanging opinions, and working together in order to solve such social issues. We develop robots, mobility partner robots, etc. from hardware to software.

Students can participate in state-of-the-art technology development through part-time work and can work utilizing the technology and skills cultivated in research and university life. In ZMP, about 60% of engineers are foreign engineers and are gathered from 30 countries around the world. Hence, needn’t worry if you aren’t good at Japanese as English is the mode of communication.​ ​

We are also actively recruiting regular employees from part-time employees. As a pioneer in the practical application of services using autonomous driving and autonomous movement, we are developing new markets through services and business development utilizing Autonomous Driving technology.

【Recruiting part time software developers】

【Related events】
ZMP to hold Company introduction sessions for new and experienced graduates.

Event Name: "Get to know ZMPeople" Company Intro Session
Date and Time:September 12th(Thursday)from 5 pm to 7 pm (No dress code)
Venue: 4F Fun Space , Sumitomo Fudosan Koishikawa Building,Koishikawa 5-41-10 Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Event Special Page:​ ​

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