Announced the plan for the commercialization of the Mobility partner『Robocar® Walk』​ ​

-Recruiting partners to commercialize Robocar® Walk-

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) announced a commercial program for the practical use of the newly announced Mobility partner “Robocar® Walk”.

Robocar® Walk is a completely new travel partner. Users can easily move to their destinations by simply specifying their destination with the provided tablet. This makes it safe and secure for a wide range of users.

In addition to the advanced autonomous movements cultivated with Autonomous Driving taxis and delivery robots, it has a unique design. While performing Autonomous movement, it can also communicate with passing people with smiling face. This makes it possible to coexist with people in a safer and smoother way.

We announced a commercial program with a service price of 180,000 yen for a unit per month for partner companies aiming for practical application and full-scale deployment of 100 units in 2021. The service price includes remote monitoring and support in addition to robot usage fees.

By carrying out driving feasibility verification in 2019, pre-operation for practical use will be possible in 2020. Driving feasibility verification includes map and route creation as initial work, and will be estimated individually from 5 million yen depending on the environment and conditions.

It will be an important mobility for the realization of ZMP' MaaS which is aiming at the total optimization of the movement of people and goods. In the future, Robocar🄬 Walk will contribute to the convenience of people and the maintenance and development of public transportation by filling inconvenient gaps in public transportation. We will work on the commercialization and mass production of Robocar® Walk.

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