Autoware software introduction - Compatible with SUV type Autonomous Driving vehicle like RoboCar® SUV -

<RoboCar® SUV for Autonomous Driving>

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) commenced the sale of Autoware software introduction option.

Autoware is introduced to the commercial vehicle-based Autonomous Driving technology development platform RoboCar® SUV. As an option for introducing Autoware, environmental sensors such as laser radar and camera are installed. By implementing Autoware as Autonomous Driving software, it is possible to autonomously travel on the route given by the car navigation system while recognizing the position of the vehicle and surrounding objects. ZMP selects the sensor and mounts it on the vehicle. In order to smoothly install Autoware and control the vehicle, RoboCar® SUV is tuned, and after running test on the test course, it is delivered as an Autonomous Driving system experimental vehicle.

Autoware is an open source software for Autonomous Driving system based on Linux and ROS (Robot Operating System) which was developed by the research group of Nagoya University and is open to research and development of Autonomous Driving.

The price for applying the Autoware introduction option to RoboCar® SUV vehicles will start from today. Price starts from 29.4 million JPY (excluding tax).

【RoboCar® Autoware introduction options】

<Example of Autoware system configuration>

<Autonomous Driving Software screen>
* Photos are provided by Nagoya University / Tier IV Inc.

【ZMP RoboCar® SUV】

Features of RoboCar® SUV
· SUV type Autonomous Driving vehicle that combines styling and driving performance
· Can acquire CAN information (speed, steering, accelerator, brake, shift position, etc.)
· Programmable steering, accelerator and brake with ZMP original controller
· Switchable between Automatic control mode and Manual mode
· Optional external sensors such as cameras and laser range sensors, large capacity battery system, etc., can be installed

【Basic function of Autoware】
• 3D map generation
• 3D self-position estimation
• Route generation
• Follow-up (0 to 60 km/h)
• Automatic stop
• Vehicle recognition
• Pedestrian recognition
• Signal recognition
• Mobile tracking

RoboCar® MiniVan Autoware package: 29.4 million JPY (excluding tax)
· ZMP RoboCar® SUV ×1
· 3D LIDAR × 1
· Camera (front) × 1
· Large capacity battery system × 1
· Control PC × 1
· Autoware introduction setting service (including running test on test course)
* The price will be changed depending on sensor configuration.

【Related product】
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IZAC® Software

IZAC® is an Autonomous Driving software developed by ZMP. By connecting a sensor to a computer (PC) equipped with IZAC® and recognizing it, it is possible to control any machine by making judgments and controlling through IZAC® control components.Through IZAC®, you can do all the recognition, judgment and operation necessary to move the machine. As an application example, it is used in various projects such as Autonomous Driving vehicles, construction machinery, buses and delivery robots.

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