Demonstration test of mobility utilizing Autonomous Driving technology at Narita Airport

Autonomous Driving mobility "RakuRo™"

ZMP Inc. (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi, hereinafter, ZMP); All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (President & CEO, Yuji Hirako, hereinafter, ANA); Narita International Airport Co., Ltd. (President & CEO, Akihiko Tamura, hereinafter NAA) to conduct demonstration test of Autonomous Driving mobility using "RakuRo ™" developed by ZMP at Narita International Airport from February 27th to 28th.

The vast area of the airport and complex traffic lines are a tremendous burden for people with children, lots of luggage, and passengers who need to travel to distant boarding gates.
To solve such issues, Autonomous driving mobility is expected to be used as a service to provide a rich customer experience by allowing easy access to places where users want to go, such as in front of duty-free shops, restaurants, and near boarding gates.

This demonstration experiment will be conducted as part of the "R & D venture support project / support for commercialization of start-ups between companies," which is supported by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

Demonstration tests will be conducted only by those involved in an environment where there are general passengers, with the attendants taking part in safety.

Through this demonstration experiment, ZMP, ANA, and NAA will work on solving social issues in airport management and further improving passenger service.

Overview of Autonomous Driving Mobility

RakuRo ™ is a completely new one-seat travel partner. Users simply move to the destination by simply specifying the destination using the built-in tablet. In addition, the unique design makes it easy to communicate with people passing by with smiles and voices. This enables safer and smoother coexistence with people, such as the way of roads.

Role of each company in this project
ZMP: Development and demonstration experiment planning and operation of Autonomous Driving mobility "RakuRo ™"
ANA: Provision and cooperation of services related to demonstration experiments, use and evaluation of services
NAA: Provision of demonstration test fields, service evaluation

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