Launched 3D-LiDAR "RS-Bpearl" for ultra-wide-angle & ultra-short distance measurement

-Viewing angle of 90 ° × 360 ° and shortest measuring distance of 5 cm for detecting peripheral areas and blind spots of robots-

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi, hereafter ZMP) have started the sale of 3D-LiDAR "RS-Bpearl", a RoboSense product (Headquartered in Shenzhen City). It is an ultra-wide-angle and ultra-short-distance measurement developed and mass-produced to eliminate blind spots in transport robots and autonomous vehicles. The hemispherical design enables flexible and compact mechanical design.

Shortest measuring distance less than 5 cm
Most commercially available LiDARs have the shortest measuring distance of 20 to 50 cm, but it cannot be said that the surrounding obstacles can be perfectly recognized. RS-Bpearl can detect obstacles in the immediate vicinity of robots and vehicles because the shortest measurement distance is less than 5 cm. The maximum measurement distance is 100m, which can be used for measuring the surroundings of robots and vehicles used in narrow passages and places with heavy traffic, and for detecting obstacles.

Ultra wide-angle viewing angle 90 ° × 360 °

Point cloud images of passing vehicles through tunnels and on roads by RS-Bpearl

RS-Bpearl can measure vertical viewing angle of 90 °, horizontal viewing angle of 360 ° and super wide angle. By attaching it to the upper part of a moving body such as a robot or vehicle, it is possible to grasp the ceiling height and shape of tunnels and underdrains, improve judgment in automatic driving, and ensure further safety.


RS-Bpearl exterior photo

The size of RS-B pearl is 100mm in diameter x 111mm in height, and by embedding the parts other than the optical part of the upper hemisphere in the airframe, a flexible and compact design is possible.


Example of installation in vehicle

Mounting example on a transfer robot

By embedding it on the four sides of an autonomous vehicle, it is possible to show the area without a 360 ° blind spot. It can also be used for delivery robots and transport robots.

Price & Delivery time
Price: 498,000 JPY (excluding tax and shipping)
Delivery time: 3 to 4 weeks

RS-B pearl specifications

Number of lines
Laser wavelength
905 nm
Laser class
Class 1
Measurement accuracy
± 3 cm
Measuring distance
100m (30m @ 10% US NIST standard)
Vertical viewing angle

Vertical resolution


Horizontal viewing angle

Horizontal resolution
0.2 ° / 0.4 °
Sample rate
10Hz / 20Hz
Power consumption
Operating temperature
Body dimensions
Φ100 mm * H111 mm
Body weight
0.92 kg

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Point cloud images of passing vehicles through tunnels and on roads by RS-Bpearl
RS-Bpearl exterior photo
Example of installation in vehicle
Mounting example on a transfer robot

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