Prime Minister Abe mentions the need to promote implementation of delivery robots

On June 29, the Liberal Democratic Party Artificial Intelligence Future Socio-Economic Strategy Headquarters submitted a resolution to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe calling for the promotion of social implementation of AI and robot technology. During the meeting, Ryu Shionoya, the chairperson of the LDP Election Strategy Committee, as well as the chairperson of Artificial Intelligence and Future Socioeconomic Strategy Headquarters introduced the efforts of ZMP's delivery robot, and Prime Minister Abe said, "It is important how to promote its implementation."

ZMP makes to reach out life robots unmanned delivery robots DeliRo™, single seater robot RakuRo™, and unmanned security & disinfection robot PATORO™ to people. It uses AI and Autonomous Driving technology and plays an active role in human life.

[Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet Official Website]
Proposal from the LDP Artificial Intelligence Future Socioeconomic Strategy Headquarters (June 29, 2019)
(Related video: There is a mention of ZMP efforts from around 2:40)

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Unmanned Delivery Robot "Deliro":
Single seater robot "Rakuro":
Unmanned security & disinfection Robot "PATORO":​​​​​​​

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