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Autonomous Driving software platform IZAC​ ​


IZAC is a software platform for Autonomous Driving.
By connecting a sensor to a computer (PC) equipped with IZAC and making it recognize it is possible to control every machine by making judgments and controlling through IZAC's control components.Through IZAC, you can do all the cognition, judgment and operation necessary to move the machine.

In addition, IZAC was designed and developed from the scratch as a middleware and development environment specialized for Autonomous Driving automobiles on public roads. It has been adopted as a platform for demonstration experiments of Autonomous Driving that ZMP has been doing so far and has earned its achievements.

As an application example within the company, it is utilized across various projects with Autonomous Driving vehicles, construction machines, buses, home delivery robots.
Examples for Autonomous Driving control software platform application
Autonomous Driving development platform RoboCar series, it is installed as an execution environment of Autonomous Driving algorithm, and it is provided as a public road demonstration experiment package.
In addition, we provide it for IZAC development environment for Autonomous Driving software developers.

IZAC is a control software & computer that supports automation of every machine.


To Realize Autonomous driving technology , a system that combines both hardware and software on an in-vehicle computer for developers.

① Easy realization of real-time property necessary for Autonomous Driving

② Application development is possible using existing components. Users can implement their own components
You can write an application that combines existing components simply by writing a script
· Provide a mechanism for developing user components such as build environment and task monitoring, monitoring, logging

③ Provide components for autonomous driving algorithm
Provide components such as sensing (ambient environment recognition) / control / trajectory generation / estimation algorithm

Case study

Below are some of the projects using IZAC.
Video of Autonomous Driving demonstration experiment at Odaiba public road April 2018​ ​
Copyright control by ZMP Inc.

Tire performance test practical application project with Bridgestone and Autonomous Driving vehicles

Kyushu Institute of Technology Autonomous Driving vehicle with world's first non-contact sensor

Delivery robot CarriRo Delivery

Copyright control by ZMP Inc.

IZAC function and mechanism

The IZAC system is a Linux system that can be built exclusively for component development for Autonomous Driving . You can exploit the constructed architecture and perform prototyping of algorithms and functions quickly.

IZAC is a framework in which a framework that runs on Linux-based systems and several components implemented as lightweight tasks run concurrently. Each component communicates by message exchange.
Software Stack

System configuration image

IZAC supports various interfaces for reading sensor information, and various processing is possible by using components that handle recognition processing from information on components and sensors for handling the acquired information.
The figure below shows the configuration image of the visualizer that captures and displays sensor information.
Data communication image between sensor and components

Examples of components that can be provided

 Vision  パターン検知、白線検知、ひずみ補正 など
 LIDAR  物体検出(2D、3D)グリッドマッピング 、点群ユーティリティ など
 センサーフュージョン  自律航法、拡張カルマンフィルタ、マルチLIDAR など
 自己位置推定  Vision,LIDARによる 自己位置推定、マップマッチング など
 経路  経路生成、経路平準化 など
 車の制御  走る、止まる、曲がる
 開発シール  ロギング、モニタリング など

Examples of components under development


Base package:​ ​3.5 million yen

Option package:​ ​800,000 yen



For requests and consultations on Automation and Autonomous Driving ,Please inquire from the contact link below.


System configuration
Component Example: Object detection grid mapping
Component Example: Map Generation

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