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Autonomous operation · Computer for ADAS development platform
IZAC ~ Intel & ZMP Autonomous driving Computer ~

Overview · Features

To Realize Autonomous driving technology , a system that combines both hardware and software on an in-vehicle computer for developers.

① Real time
​ ​characteristics​ ​One-box control of required tasks and non real-time tasks

② Users can implement applications and proprietary control systems using existing components
Provide a mechanism for user task development such as task monitoring, logging.

③ Provide components for autonomous driving algorithm
Sensing (ambient environment recognition) / control / trajectory generation / estimation algorithms etc. are componentized
・Supplied ZMP autonomous operation algorithm can be added on

 Vision  パターン検知、白線検知、ひずみ補正 など
 LIDAR  物体検出(2D、3D)グリッドマッピング 、点群ユーティリティ など
 センサーフュージョン  自律航法、拡張カルマンフィルタ、マルチLIDAR など
 自己位置推定  Vision,LIDARによる 自己位置推定、マップマッチング など
 経路  経路生成、経路平準化 など
 車の制御  走る、止まる、曲がる
 開発シール  ロギング、モニタリング など

Examples of components under development


Base package 350万円

Option package  80万円~


System configuration
Component Example: Object detection grid mapping
Component Example: Map Generation

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