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    IZAC Revolution

    IZAC® Revolution Service is to bring innovation (revolution) to your business by applying ZMP's products and technologies related to Autonomous Driving which we developed and accumulated so far.

    Under this category we develop two services.
    In addition to RoboCar® for Autonomous Driving, we will realize innovation of customers business and operations by modifying or customizing hardware and software for controlling vehicles used by customers.

    We provide Autonomous Driving Vehicles as base which is equipped with Autonomous Driving Technology with Autonomous Driving Vehicle RoboCar® integrated with Autonomous Driving computer IZAC® developed by ZMP. In addition, we offer the system including the dispatch application and vehicle condition monitoring etc., and we will realize commercialization by MaaS (Mobility as a Service) utilizing Autonomous Driving.

    Unmanned test driver system "CarTomo®"

    The unmanned test driver system "Cartmo" is equipped with various sensors, an emergency braking system, and an automatic driving computer IZACⓇ on ZMP's autonomous driving vehicle RoboCar® series. It has various functions to realize autonomous driving on the test course. Please see the following page for system configuration examples.

    About Autonomous Driving computer IZAC®​ ​

    Autonomous Driving Computer IZAC®
    Autonomous Driving computer is the central part of the above services.The computer IZAC® is a central platform product that plays the brains of Autonomous Driving developed by ZMP and offers the function of "recognition", "judgment", "operation" of Autonomous Driving. Please refer to IZAC® product page to know about IZAC®'s function and extensibility.
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