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Robot three brothers become familiar with life!

無人Let's introduce Life Robot Brothers

What is Life Robot Brothers?

We are providing autonomous driving walking-speed robots that can live with people in the world where labor shortages and non-face-to-face contactless life are demanded due to COVID-19.
They are useful in many situation such as businesses, local governments and sharing service etc.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in using the robots.

What are the strengths of "Life Robot Brothers"?

Currently, many robots are being utilized in the world.
So what is the difference between ZMP's LIFE ROBOT BROTHERS? Let me introduce you to our strengths!

Strength point ①: Robust operation indoors and outdoors!

In the environment where the use of robots is required such as airports, railways, hospitals, shopping centers, and schools, there are steps, slopes and carpets etc. ZMP's life robot is quite powerful and has the ability to run a 5 cm step and an 8 degree slope, so it can handle most indoor and outdoor environments.
Also, especially indoors, in addition to horizontal movement within the floor, vertical movement between floors is also necessary, but with the cooperation of the elevator company, they can automatically get on and off the elevator and move to each floor.
Even if the environment is difficult for indoor-only robots such as factories, warehouses and offices, ZMP's life robots can be put to practical use.

Strength point ②: Autonomous driving and Remote monitoring / operation!

ZMP's life robot has a record of more than 5,000 km of accident-free driving at walking speed, and has high reliability for Autonomous Driving.
Furthermore, not only can the robot run alone, but the cloud system "ROBO-HI", which is responsible for remote monitoring and control, can always check the robot's condition and surrounding conditions. It can also warn so it also helps prevent theft of robots. If necessary, the robots can be controlled remotely by the person.
Since all these systems are consistently developed in ZMP, we can take responsibility and quickly respond to user requests.
Reliable Autonomous Driving technology makes it possible to drive safely and smoothly on sidewalks and pedestrian crossings where crowds and bicycles pass.
(Actual situation of RakuRo running in Tokyo Marunouchi)

Strength ③: All hardware and software developed in ZMP!

As ZMP's Life Robots (Delivery Robot DeliRo, Walking Speed Mobility Rakuro and Patrol and Disinfection Robot PATORO), we develop all of the robots consistently like the robot body, Autonomous Driving software "IZAC", high precision 3D map "ROBOMAP" for Autonomous Driving, and remote monitoring and control system "ROBO-HI". Quality and security are made in Japan. Since there is no black box, it can be quickly modified and improved according to the user's request, and it supports everything from after-sales support to regular product updates.
ZMP's robots are developed under this domestic policy. The logistics suppot robots "CarriRo", which we have been selling since 2016, has already been introduced by 250 companies, and has updated products and expanded its product lineup to meet customer needs ( Follow-up type, autonomous type, pallet transfer type, forklift, 25-ton towing vehicle) are continuously being operated.

"RakuRo Sharing Service" begins! The latest information released!

Introducing the "Life Robot Brother" working places!

Unmanned Security/Disinfection Robot "PATORO"

Unmanned Delivery Robot "DeliRo"

Single-seater robot "RakuRo"

Savior against the new coronavirus! Sanitize the facility unattended!

The unmanned security robot "PATORO" has a disinfectant spraying function!
While autonomously moving indoors, such as commercial facilities, office buildings and stations, it automatically disinfects necessary areas.
Unmanned security & disinfection robot PATORO electric sprayer installed

Unattended robots watch over children and take measures against stalking!

Call Patro on your smartphone and authenticate yourself with a QR code. It can be used to monitor the night movement of women and children.
Various sensors enable early detection of suspicious persons and specific persons.
Image of watching over unmanned security robot "PATORO"

Unmanned patrol security for office buildings, etc.!

It can be used for unmanned patrol security in office buildings and the site at night.
Various sensors and infrared cameras enable early detection of suspicious persons and specific persons.
Unmanned security robot "PATORO" patrol image
Thermal detection function with infrared camera

Unattended and non-face-to-face delivery within the office for peace of mind and labor savings!

We delivered the documents by taking the Mitsubishi elevator at the Takenaka Corporation Mido Building.
The unmanned delivery robot enables non-face-to-face delivery for peace of mind and labor savings.
Demonstration of elevator cooperation with Takenaka Corporation

Let's put it to practical use! Proposed unmanned delivery verification test in a model area in central Tokyo

Although labor shortages related to home delivery have long been a social issue, unmanned delivery robots are expected to play an active role as a means of eliminating the “three-tiered” approach to face-to-face purchasing activities as a measure against the spread of new coronavirus infections. I am.

ZMP is planning a demonstration test for commercialization, using the high-rise condominium area in the city center as a model area.

Unmanned delivery robot "DeliRo"
High-rise mansion group model area

Elderly people can take a walk with RakuRo♪

Elderly people can easily go for a walk by riding RakuRo that is similar to electric wheelchair.
Not only does it eliminate the need to push a wheelchair, it not only saves labor, but it also enables you to take a walk while ensuring a social distance.

Free your hands from pushing the wheelchair
Social distance with RakuRo
Take a walk on "RakuRo" under full bloom

Ride every day with just 10,000 JPY per person? ! RakuRo's share service

In addition to taking a walk, if you register any destinations such as moving to a supermarket or a hospital, you can always move on RakuRo.

RakuRo which prevents accidents such as user's erroneous operation by autonomous driving, utilizes underground parking in the mansion group area. By sharing Rakuro in the area, you can take a walk in a nearby area or a local hospital. We are proposing a community where people can easily go out to supermarkets and restaurants.

High-rise mansion group model area

The monthly fee for Rakuro is 111,000 JPY or more, but if you share as a membership system with 10 people, you can use it for about 10,000 JPY per person per month.
By using it as a sharing service in the local area, daily use becomes more convenient.

How about owning the facility itself like in elderly houses and providing it as a service?

Experience and enjoy Autonomous Driving along with online zoo!

World's first! Online zoo with Autonomous Driving robot "RakuRo".
It is a service that allows you to enter the cockpit from the Internet to control the RakuRo, and to view the animals with the 360 degree camera attached to RakuRo.

Introduction steps of the "low speed Autonomous Driving robots"

Three steps to implementation

STEP1: Demonstration tour (introduction consultation)

You can see or test drive the real machine. Please feel free to contact us!

STEP2: Demonstration test (trial introduction)Verify safety and effectiveness!

STEP3: Full-scale introductionDevelop necessary services and start operations!

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Inquiries about robots

If you have any inquiries about the low-speed Autonomous Driving robots, please feel free to contact us from the following.
Autonomous Delivery Robot "DeliRo"
Unmanned delivery robot solves the last mile logistics problem
Single-seater robot "RakuRo"
A mobility partner that makes traveling easier. We are recruiting partners to commercialize.
Unmanned security & disinfection robot "PATORO"
Autonomous Driving security robot that can automatically drive and disinfect indoors and outdoors

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