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Walk through the tunnel of cherry blossom

During March, 2020 the cherry blossom at Harima-zaka in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo are in full bloom.

We had two pairs of couples who took a walk through the beautiful path of cherry blossom trees.
A video of them enjoying cherry blossom with RakuRo has added here. So please have a look.

Eventhough his wife, who has leg difficulty and for her which is usually hard to walk, smiles naturally while feeling the breeze.
Wouldn't it be nice to take a walk with your husband and wife holding hands ♪♪

RakuRo will provide such a smile-filled walk experience for local communities and facilities.

A walk with RakuRo

Single-seater Robot "RakuRo" x Sakura
The "Sakura Festival" is held every year in Harima-zaka, but this year it is canceled due to the novel coronavirus.

Although it was in such a situation, it shows that two couples of the neighborhood are enjoying the cherry blossom viewing.
Harima-zaka is a steep slope of about 500m, which is a difficult place for elderly people, but it is easy to move around with Rakuro.

The pleasure of taking a walk with RakuRo

Rakuro is a robot that operates Autonomously.

Although it is classified as an "electric wheelchair", you do not need to drive, just specify the destination and route and press the "Start" button.
By following the route registered in advance, you can safely ride while avoiding obstacles and pedestrians, so you can ride with confidence.

You can enjoy your freedom while moving, such as holding hands with your family and taking pictures, because you do not have to drive like an electric wheelchair and you have both hands free.

In addition, the rich facial expressions of laughing and winking, and the ability to make voices such as greetings and requests naturally make people around them smile as well, and that is how communication is born.
Walk with hands
Comfortable with free hands
Driving safely while detecting the obstacles around
Communicate with people around you naturally with the facial expressions and voices

Services and customers

Rakuro can be used as a sharing service.

Rakuro plays an active role in the movement of elderly who find it difficult to travel after returning their driver's license.​ ​
In addition to taking a walk, if you register any destinations such as moving to a supermarket or a hospital, you can always move on RakuRo.

The monthly fee for RakuRo is 100,000 JPY with a 5-year lease, but if you share it with 10 people as a membership system, you can use it for 10,000 JPY per person per month.
As in the video, using it as a sharing service in an area will make daily use more convenient.

In addition, even in elderly housing with services, it is possible for the facility itself to own RakuRo and provide it as a service to residents.

About RakuRo

RakuRo is a single-seater robot that automatically runs while communicating with the surrounding people through rich facial expressions such as smiles and winks, and voice communication such as greetings and requests.

RakuRo grasp the surroundings with multiple sensors and cameras installed on the main body. It provides safe and reliable movement to the destination by automatic driving that can monitor and avoid obstacles or stop safely. Since it is classified as an electric wheelchair that runs at a speed of 6 km/h or less, it is a product that can also be run on public roads.

The word "Raku" means "easy", that is, it makes movement easier by driving autonomously, and at the same time both the person himself and his attendant are free from driving a wheelchair or a senior car, so they can enjoy the surrounding and do conversation while moving.

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