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自動運転一人乗りロボ RakuRo(ラクロ)の特徴

Introducing the features of the autonomous driving single-seater Robot RakuRo.

Specifications of autonomous driving single-seater Robot RakuRo

Features of RakuRo are
[Feature 1] Easy destination select with a tablet!
[Feature 2] Friendly design and communication with eyes and voice ♪
[Feature 3] Deluxe seat wrapping around the body for a comfortable ride ♪
[Feature 4] Safe and secure movement with advanced Autonomous Driving technology ♪
​ ​

Appearance of autonomous driving single-seater Robot RakuRo

The compact body is equipped with the sensors and devices necessary for autonomous movement. It rotates 90 degrees to the left and right, and is equipped with an egg-shaped seat that wraps around people, making it easy to get on and off.

Product Image

Specifications and size of autonomous driving single-seater Robo RakuRo

RakuRo is designed to be suitable for sidewalks in accordance with the size of senior cars (electric wheelchairs) that drive on sidewalks. The maximum speed is 6 km/h, and when Autonomous Driving travels at the same speed as a pedestrian so that the person next to you can move while talking.

Autonomous Driving single-seater Robo RakuRo's App

The user can reserve the time and destination by using by the smartphone app dedicated to RakuRo. By simply going to the departure location of RakuRo at the reserved time, RakuRo will take the passenger to the destination.
* Applications can also be developed according to the site where they are installed.
Book time and destination with the app
Personal authentication with the PIN code on the app
Press the "Depart" button to start

Autonomous driving single-seater Robot RakuRo's autonomous driving technology and safety features

The advanced Autonomous driving technology cultivated in the development of Autonomous vehicles detects people, cars, and obstacles on the travel route, and performs appropriate movement control such as stopping and avoiding.

Example of installed sensor

Safety function

An emergency stop button can be installed on the left side of the front tablet that is easily accessible to users so that it can be easily stopped in an emergency, and an optional seat belt can be installed.

自動運転一人乗りロボ RakuRoの試乗体験のご案内

We are giving a test drive experience at the ZMP office (Myogadani, Bunkyo-ku) to customers who are considering the introduction of RakuRo

Test drive application form

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