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Unmanned Cleaning Robot VacuuRo is now on sale

VacuuRo Wet 

VacuuRo Dry

Overview and Features of the Cleaning Robot VacuuRo

ZMP will start selling VacuuRo in Japan with robot base of Gaussian Robotics (Headquarters: China), which has a sales record of more than 2,500 units in 30 countries leading the cleaning industry.
Baculo has a strong suction power and can clean a wide area in a short time.
It is possible to charge the battery and water replacement by itself, and has the industry's top technology in obstacle avoidance and self-sustaining navigation.

VacuuRo can be used both indoors and outdoors, and it can move automatically by setting a route on a predetermined map, so it can save labor in cleaning and disinfection work instead of the manual scrubber by hands. 

VacuuRo can be linked with our RoboHi, which enables multiple operation, monitoring, and cleaning simultaneously, to make it even more efficient. Robots will become an indispensable infrastructure in the world, and we aim to realize a prosperous society that supports people everywhere.

Product Specifications

VacuuRo Dry

Body dimensions

 width 570mm x height 850mm x length 700mm

Weight 80 Kg
Maximum cleaning capacity Approximately 1200㎡ / h
Continuous operation time About 3-4 hours
Dust bag capacity 12L
Maximum speed 2㎞/h
Battery lithium ion
On-board sensor LiDAR sensor, 3D camera, ultrasonic sensor, bumper sensor, step sensor

VacuuRo Wet

Body dimensions width 700mm x height 1100mm x length 820mm
Weight 170 Kg (empty tank)
Maximum cleaning capacity Approximately 1500㎡ / h
Continuous operation time About 2-6 hours
tank capacity Fresh water 24L / Sewage 18L / Disinfectant 6L
Maximum speed 3.6㎞/h
Battery lithium ion
On-board sensor LiDAR sensor, 3D camera, ultrasonic sensor, bumper sensor, step sensor

Use Case

At international airports and hospitals, cleaning work is generally manual or using manual scrubbers. However, labor shortages are becoming serious at airports and hospitals all over the country these days, and there is a great demand for labor saving and efficiency improvement in the cleaning industry as a measure to secure labor and soaring labor costs.

Commercial facility



Automatic Charging Option

If you purchase VacuuRo's automatic charging option, it can be cleaning fully automatically for 24 hours.

Automatic charging station

↓ Image during automatic charging ↓

Automatic charging / water supply / drainage station

↓ Image during automatic charging ↓

For inquiries

Phone Inquiries​ ​
For telephone inquiries, please contact 070-1446-5193 (directly through the RoboLife Division).
(Reception Time: Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm)

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