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~Realize the customer`s business that utilizes the Autonomous Driving technology~

We will support services created by customers that utilize Autonomous Driving technology.

In recent years, the number of people holding vehicles such as cars tends to decrease due to "declining population" and "aging society", so that the use of "MaaS (Mobility as a Service)" worldwide, that is Mobility and transport services that can be used without holding a mobile (Mobility) such as a car "are increasing. ZMP provides "Autonomous Driving platform" that realizes MaaS service created by customers combined with their own Autonomous Driving technology.
 Services from MaaS and Autonomous Driving
· Autonomous Driving taxi
· Autonomous tour bus and Autonomous sightseeing bus
· Automated movement between buildings or factories
· Autonomous transportation packages
By automating all moving bodies regardless of passenger cars, we can realize Autonomous Driving service created by customers!

Service application



MaaS + RoboCar [Overview]

The "Autonomous Driving platform" service provided by ZMP will provide customers with three in-house services necessary for safe operation of Autonomous Driving.
Service ①: Arranging and customizing automated driving vehicles RoboCar® series developed independently by ZMP
Service ②: Integrated computer IZAC® that carries out all recognition, judgment and operation necessary for moving automated vehicles​ ​
Service ③: Autonomous Driving management system (Fleet Management System, hereinafter referred to as "FMS") that manages vehicles etc. while remotely monitoring vehicles
Through the above three services, ZMP will provide according to the customer`s service the vehicle body to the system that manages it.
As a result, service providers can specialize in developing cooperative parts with user applications and business systems that match the services they want to implement.
By linking "autonomous operation platform" provided by ZMP and "user application" developed by service provider, autonomous operation can be performed.
We realize the Mobility service using autonomous operation.

MaaS + RoboCar [Services]

Service ① Autonomously driven vehicle RoboCarC series
Automated driving vehicle platform by ZMP. Oneself in public roads throughout​ ​
the country. It is used for dynamic test demonstration test,​ ​
depending on the service type Minivan or SUV is opted. Since
the override function is also carried in Autonomous Driving,
we realize safe experimentation and service operation.
Service ② Autonomous driving Computer IZAC®
Recognize surrounding conditions like white lines, structures, signals, traffic environments​ ​
and Autonomous Driving brain that instructs RoboCar® to decide whether to take​ ​
action. IZAC® has been doing many actual experiments, as it is developed
inhouse. We can provide technical support and function improvements.
Service ③ Autonomous Driving Vehicle management system (FMS)
Interlocking with IZAC® installed in each vehicle through the cloud, so you​ ​
can manage the running situation and position information of each​ ​
vehicle etc. As a result, it is possible to remotely grasp the unique​ ​
driving situation and error occurrence. Also,you can link​ ​​ ​
user application thus, location information used by the
​ ​user is reflected in the vehicle reservation system.

MaaS + RoboCar [Operation flow]

In ZMP the Autonomous Driving technology which divides into 4 PHASE realizes Mobility service and uses. As a result, even for the customers who get to know about the Autonomous Driving for the first time is possible to build an Autonomous Driving service in a safe and gradual manner.

Three reasons that ZMP version MaaS + RoboCar® is easy to introduce!
① We can offer our own service without owning vehicle / system!
② Tech support is consigned customers can focus on service side!
③ Autonomous Driving/FMS can be updated regularly!

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