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Autonomous driving vehicle development platform RoboCar MiniVan​ ​

Overview of RoboCar MiniVan (Image with option sensor)
  • ADAS based on commercial hybrid minivan vehicle · Vehicle type experiment platform for research and development of Autonomous Driving (package including vehicle body and development environment).
  • We also use ZMP as a platform for Autonomous Driving technology development on public roads, products that are accumulating our own achievements.

  • We provide ZMP control device to vehicle and provide communication library so that vehicle control can be executed from external device (attached PC or user exclusive device).

  • Control of vehicles such as running, turning and stopping is controlled by program (C, C ++) using ZMP's library.

  • We also disclose CAN communication protocols and control vehicles from user's own devices.

  • Demonstration experiment of ADAS and Autonomous Driving actual vehicle test or Autonomous Driving service.


"RoboCar MiniVan" is based on a commercially available hybrid minivan vehicle, and is equipped with a vehicle type experimental apparatus (a main body of a vehicle (hereinafter referred to as a vehicle body)) in which a control device of a ZMP is incorporated so that a user can control by putting a control signal from an external device (PC or dedicated device) and packages including development environment.

In general, it is possible to control vehicles controlled by the driver (stepping on the accelerator / brake and turning the steering wheel) from the user's computer or dedicated device, so in the field of Autonomous Driving and development of ADAS (Advanced Driving Support System) and software development and verification on a real vehicle.

RoboCar MiniVan can acquire values ​​of sensors etc. (CAN information such as vehicle speed, 4-wheel speed and steering angle etc.) mounted on the vehicle as standard, and from the PC and other external devices to the in-vehicle network CAN (Control Area Network).It is possible to control the vehicle by inputting operation signals such as accelerator, brake, steering, etc. In addition, APIs and sample applications for inputting data and inputting operation signals are also provided as standards, so we provide it as a platform that can build a vehicle control program immediately after introduction.

It is also possible that as usual driver operate further for a vehicle control and driver operation while being computer-controlled, intervention also provides "override function" carried over to the driver operation, ADAS/Autonomous Driving is suitable for experiments.

【Concept of RoboCar MiniVan】

In the fields of development and experiments of ADAS and Autonomous Driving , testing on actual vehicles is indispensable.

However, in the case of commercial vehicles, running, bending and stopping operations from external devices can only be controlled by the driver operating accelerator, brake, steering, etc.

Therefore, in ZMP by providing RoboCar MiniVan, which is a set of functions and development environments based on a commercially available hybrid vehicle based on computer control, it is possible to develop a vehicle that can be controlled from the outside in a development process (design - procurement - remodeling,we release customers from the trouble of testing), we propose to accelerate the development of ADAS · Autonomous Driving using real cars at once.


RoboCar MiniVan Utilization Concept

【Application example】

By using RoboCar MiniVan's vehicle information acquisition function and vehicle control function, users can use it for the following purposes and applications.


【ADAS (Advanced Driving Support System)】

- Connect to the control of RoboCar MiniVan from data from in-vehicle camera, laser sensor and radio wave radar,

Sensor development for ADAS (automatic brake, lane keep, lane change, automatic parking etc.), sensor fusion development,

Integrated development of sensing and control, performance verification

- Development of Human Machine Interface (HMI) using acquired information from RoboCar MiniVan


【 Autonomous Driving 】

- Software development of "recognition" - "judgment" - "operation" of Autonomous Driving and system operation verification on RoboCar MiniVan

- Sensor and device development for Autonomous Driving

- Development and verification of peripheral systems for Autonomous Driving such as inter-vehicle communication, roadside-vehicle communication, remote monitoring / operation communication, etc.

- Demonstration experiment on new mobility utilizing Autonomous Driving


Image of vehicle control / vehicle data acquisition by RoboCar MiniVan

【Benefits of RoboCar MiniVan adopting minivan type】

Also, since RoboCar MiniVan is based on a minivan type of 7 to 8 passengers, it has the following advantages.
  • In addition to the boarding space, the loading space of the experimental equipment can be secured, and it is possible to install large systems and cooling equipment for advanced research and development.
  • It will make it easier to develop and verify new mobility means for tourists and the elderly.
Characteristic of RoboCar MiniVan which adopted minivan type

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