Message from Sales Leader

【Message by Japanese Sales】

What do you imagine when you think of ZMP? Just another company full of engineers?​ ​
Actually,the role of the sales team is becoming increasingly important at ZMP.

There are 3 main types of client businesses at ZMP:
The sales of robotics-related or autonomous driving products​ ​
Engineering assistance for enabling autonomous driving
Testing and gathering data on public roads (Robot Test)​ ​

In all of these businesses, our role as sales team is to understand and make the client’s needs evident and negotiate with internal engineers in order to make the best proposals.
This requires us to be able to make proposals which are beyond the client’s expectations and orchestrate the internal flow of projects.​ ​
This requires us to be able to make proposals which are beyond the client’s expectations and orchestrate the internal flow of projects. ZMP, which is a “manufacturer” and a venture company leading in cutting-edge technology,
has a unique role to play and I firmly believe that we have a chance to grow further in the future.​ ​

I myself joined ZMP after leaving a large IT firm and feel that the speed at which we grow here in 1 or 2 years is equivalent to the change I would see in a large company.
I believe this is due to 3 reasons:
​ ​1- The field in which ZMP works on is a field where it is necessary to dig deep into the core competence of the client’s business.​ ​
​ ​2- Since we deal with an emerging market, many clients do not have a definite “answer” to their needs. This allows the sales team to work in a collaborative manner.
​ ​3- The sales team acts as a pipeline for connecting our clients and engineers. We as business orchestrators have the responsibility to lead both parties.

At our team, we have a venture spirit where we value people who raise their hands to try something new. We value opinions like:
- I want to try using a different sales method
- I want to work on developing a business project abroad​ ​
- I want to deal with a new product plan, using feedback from clients
- I want to create new business value by actively partnering up with other companies and organizations

We believe that ideas like these which go beyond the definition of “Sales” are vital and do our best to support them.​ ​
Understanding numerical values is ofcourse important, but I think having innumerable aspects like a challenger’s spirit is no less significant.

I don’t think it is ia problem to fail after trying.
On the contrary, I evaluate highly both the successes and failures of a person’s challenge.
I myself have faced many challenges in my life and faced numerous successes and failures.
I cherish the lesson I have learned from all of these experiences and my desire to grow is ever so strong.

We are looking for adventurous new members who are ready to work with people like us at the sales team, who will strive together to bring about change in society. We’re waiting for you!​ ​