Message from the CEO

I am Taniguchi , the CEO of ZMP Inc.

I was born in a rural area of ​​Hyogo prefecture and used to visit there every year during Bon and New Year.

Local people of my place like their own land that was inherited from nature and blessed by their ancestors. However, as the aging progresses, transportation becomes limited, so it is hard for each of them to continue living here.It is difficult to reach hospital in emergency or even the basic shopping.Hence, many people give up and move to convenient urban areas.

What if you can have transportation facility that you can move freely?
Why do not you have a service that allows you to deliver your favorite ingredients, dishes, lunch boxes by telephone or net every day.

This would help people live in their small towns, which they love so much.

I want to make life in the countryside rich and full of energy, just like the way things were when I was a child.
The reality is that once these small towns become vacant, they can never be revived again.

This situation of not waiting,
and ZMP wants to provide unmanned travel taxi and home delivery robot service as soon as possible at least a day earlier.

ZMP is committed to realize this service in 2020.

In November 2015, when I met Prime Minister Abe to publicly propose this idea for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.In June, 2017 the Japanese National Police Agency has officially announced a guideline for the permission to use public roads for testing remote control operation systems. The future is becoming a reality. The future is here.​ ​

Everyone, it is not a long way ago.

This year we will be able to experiment with unmanned taxis on public roads if we deal with the guideline firmly.
If we start experimenting unattended taxis this year, we believe that by 2020 we will be able to complete it.

Join us and let’s venture out into doing something exciting and challenging,something no one has ever done before.

I’m sure that there is at least one person in your family or someone you know who has problems going daily grocery shopping whether it be the city or countryside.

Why don’t we give them a gift: A gift of freedom to go where they need and want to?

Is also'm glad if I have become a user who is waiting for this service of ZMP.
Why do not you join the making side rather than the waiting side and do the work that will be memories of your life forever?

I’m waiting for you, that adventurous,good-hearted, never-giving-up you.
June 2017
CEO Hisashi Taniguchi

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