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Join our team! Change the world together with Robotics and IT services!

We develop both hardware and software and build as in-house platform for AutoTaxi, Delivery Robot and Logistics Support Robot. Join our team and challenge together for the next big innovation!

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ZMP Service

Customization support using automatic driving technology
Utilizing autonomous driving technology
Customization support
Supports technical customization support and demonstration experiment using autonomous driving technology
Travel data measurement support service RoboTest
Travel data measurement support service
Logistics support service
Autonomous movement using boggie type robot, realization of logistics efficiency with IoT package
Delivery robot CarriRo Delivery
Delivery robot
 CarriRo Delivery
Provide last one mile solution with home delivery robot

ZMP Products

RoboCar 1/10
RoboCar 1/10
Program controllable platform of radio control car type
RoboVision 3
RoboVision 3
A stereo camera capable of sensing a distance of up to 150 m, horizontal 100 ° and field of view
Car Track option
Car Track option
Tracking nearby objects · Detecting relative speed & Software capable of CAN output
Mobile platform platform for research and development

ZMP Forum · Exhibition Information

Technology Exhibition for Persons and Automobiles 2018 Yokohama
Exhibition of people and automotive technology
2018 Yokohama
ZMP Forum 2018

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