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Unmanned forklift CarriRo® Fork

About CarriRo® Fork

Unmanned forklifts CarriRo® Fork enables forklifts to be operated easily, safely, and efficiently without the need for specially-skilled workers by automatically performing forklift handling operations.

CarriRo® Fork is characterized by a simple setup that can be realized in a few days from pre-work area mapping to start of operation. While monitoring obstacles in the vicinity, it stops in response to obstacles in the direction of travel, and automatically restarts when obstacles are removed.

CarriRo® Fork is a walkie-type unmanned forklift.

可搬重量は1000kg~1400kg、移動速度は無積載時5.4km/h, 積載時3.6km/hに設定が可能です。

To realize unmanned operation, the upper part of CarriRo® Fork is equipped with LiDAR that supplements the position of the reflector for self-position estimation and 2D-LiDAR for detecting obstacles behind the main body.

In addition, a pallet can be transported more reliably by installing a sensor that recognizes the position and state of the fork hole when the fork is mounted.

CarriRo® Fork 機能・特徴説明動画

無人フォークリフトCarriRo Forkの機能や特徴など実機に搭載されているセンサーや実際に動いている映像をもとに動画で説明しています。

CarriRo® Fork Operation Video

From the dedicated software that registers the shelf address, specify the address where you want to move the pallet and send the task to CarriRo Fork to start the transfer work. In the following video, after moving work, it returns to the specified position, but it is possible to perform more efficient operation by sending continuous tasks.

Cooperation between CarriRo® AD + and CarriRo® Fork

With CarriRo® AD + (pallet loading type) capable of conveying pallets up to 600 kg and CarriRo® Fork, the introduction of multiple unmanned forklifts will greatly reduce the cost of introduction and realize unmanned pallet transport.
Carry-in cooperation with CarriRo® AD +
The pallet transported by CarriRo® AD + is stored in the warehouse with the shelf number specified by CarriRo® Fork.
Unloading cooperation with CarriRo® AD +
Specify the shelf number, pick up the pallet with CarriRo® Fork, load it onto CarriRo® AD + and carry it out.

Basic specifications

Body dimensions Length 1950 x Width 800 x Height 1915 (mm)
Forklift type Walkie type
Payload  1000~1400kg
Maximum speed 5.4km/h without load, 3.6km/h with load
Movement accuracy / Stop accuracy ± 10mm / ± 10mm
Vehicle weight 1000kg
Safety function Laser detection, infrared sensor detection, bumper sensor, etc.

CarriRo® Fork introduction steps

CarriRo® Fork can be implemented in the following four steps.

(1) Confirming the details of how to apply to the area environment and work that is being considered
(2) Preparation of infrastructure facilities required for operation
(3) Mapping work and business scenario setup
(4) Operation lecture

First of all, please feel free to consult us about the unmanned forklift installation area and how to apply it to your business.

Price information

5-year lease (main unit price): Over 282,000 JPY per month (excluding tax)
* We opt to offer the purchase option. Prices may change without prior notice.

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