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The forklift, the key to pallet transportation is finally automated!​ ​We sell two types of forklifts depending on the applaications, "Walkie" and "Reach".

Autonomous Forklift CarriRo® Fork

ZMP develops the CarriRo series that can "freely moves things".​ ​
We have a category, Autonomous forklift CarriRo Fork for Autonomous transport that realizes Autonomous logistics.​ ​

On this page, we will introduce two types of forklift: the "walkie type" and the "reach type."

Autonomous forklift CarriRo® Fork overview

CarriRo® Fork is a product developed by using the Autonomous Driving technology that ZMP has cultivated in Autonomous Driving development.

The base vehicle of the forklift is a modified Linde Material Handling aircraft.

The "laser-guided" method is used for Autonomous Driving of the forklift.
The 2D-LiDAR mounted on the upper part of the fork body and the reflector make it possible to achieve an operating accuracy of ± 10 mm to 20 mm.

It is also one of the robots that contributes to Autonomous logistics by linking with the logistics support robot CarriRo developed by ZMP.

Features of Autonomous forklift CarriRo Fork

You can use the cooperation function of Autonomous pallet transfer linked with CarriRo AD+, a logistics support robot manufactured by ZMP, visualization of distribution efficiency linked with cloud service ROBO-HI, and the link function of automatic transfer robot.

By utilizing the above cooperation, CarriRo Fork moves racks and shelves in the warehouse, and loads the cargo on the CarriRo AD+ Autonomous transport robot, allowing Autonomous movement until the next process.
Autonomous logistics solution using CarriRo

Autonomous forklift CarriRo Fork lineup

CarriRo Fork currently has two lineups: "Walkie type" and "Reach type". It can move at a maximum payload of 1400 kg, a maximum moving speed of 3.6 km / h (when loaded), and a maximum of 5.4 km / h (when not loaded).
Please check below for details of each model.
CarriRo Fork "Walkie type"
CarriRo Fork "Reach type"

Principles and technologies to realize Autonomous forklifts

In order to Autonomously drive the forklift, we have adopted the Autonomous Driving technology that utilizes 2D-LiDAR. This method is called the "laser-guided" method.
This method has the advantage that no processing is required on the floor surface and that the route can be set flexibly if the reflector is visible.
You can also check in detail about safety equipment and cooperation technologies that utilize Autonomous forklifts.
Laser-guided unmanned control image

Video of Autonomous Forklift CarriRo Fork

This is a video explaining the functions and features of the Autonomous forklift CarriRo Fork based on the sensors installed in the actual machine and the images of the actual movement. Other videos also show videos of Autonomous forklift operations.

Unmanned fork freely maneuvered with the app "ForkTalk"

Regarding the method of operating instructions for CarriRo Fork, a new function called ForkTalk that allows simple and easy remote control has been added so that anyone can operate it immediately. The video below shows the actual operation method and scenario creation method.

[Demonstration Notice]

On April 27th and 28th, 2021, we will hold a "live demonstration" at the CarriRo Innovation Center in our special showroom with pre-registration. At this event, we will demonstrate the live performance using the remote control tool "ForkTalk", which is a new function of CarriRo Fork, so you can experience the ease of operation and installation of CarriRo Fork.

Autonomous Forklift CarriRo Fork Price

Please see below for the prices for "Walkie type" and "Reach type".
Currently, it is sold as a 5-year lease.

CarriRo® Fork (Walkie type): 5-year lease 226,000 JPY (excluding tax) / month for 1 unit
CarriRo® Fork (Reach type): 5-year lease 338,000 JPY (excluding tax) / month for 1 unit

* We opt to offer the purchase option. Prices may change without prior notice.

Autonomous Forklift CarriRo Fork introduction flow

CarriRo® Fork can be installed in the following three steps.

1. Check the driving route
2. Installation of reflective poles, preparation of driving area map
3. Tuning and operation training

First of all, please feel free to consult us about the unmanned forklift installation area and how to apply it to your business.

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