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"Robot of Everything" Under the mission of autonomous driving,creating a safe,enjoyable and convenient lifestyle for all kinds of people.①​ ​ADAS (Advanced Driving Support), Autonomous Driving development platform RoboCar® series​ ​as well as​ ​Sensor system​ ​② RoboTest®,Support for development such as Autonomous Driving for mobile body manufacturers (automobiles, commercial vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, distribution conveyance equipment, outdoor work machines, etc) ​ ​③ We are developing and selling logistic support robot CarriRo®Auto Taxi.Also, we are conducting demonstration experiments on technologies and services on public roads toward realization of ​Auto Taxi® in 2020​. We began demonstration experiments on Home delivery robot,CarriRo® Delivery aiming for Japan's first pedestrian walk from 2017. ZMP will continue to provide products and services that impress the world.

Company Profile

MISSION  Robot of Everything 人が運転するあらゆる機械を自動化し、 安全で楽しく便利なライフスタイルを創造します 。
VISION  人型ロボット・ロボカー技術を応用し、総合ロボット会社へ

ZMP is an abbreviation of zero moment point, which means a dynamic center of gravity position, which is the most important point for realizing walking in a bipedal walking robot.
Our intellectual curiosity wants to grow intelligence and to be a society of curiosity in existence, such as to stimulate and from the next to the next. The thought I was represented by three-dimensional cube. The red of the corporate color expresses passion of ZMP Inc.

MEANING OF THE LOGO ZMP Inc. is a jewel box clogged up with intelligence of the world.
We expressed our desire to become intelligent curiosity with our intellectual curiosity, to stimulate society's curiosity from one to the next, with a three-dimensional cube. The corporate color red represents the passion of ZMP.
CAPITAL  1,302,916,000円
HEAD OFFICE  〒112-0002
東京都文京区小石川五丁目41番10号 住友不動産小石川ビル [ access ]

1st Lab Annex Koishikawa1

2nd Lab Annex Koishikawa2

3rd Lab Annex Shiomi

Test course Nihon University College of Car (Narita)



CarTomo Inc.

* joint venture with JVC KENWOOD Corporation


ZEG Inc.
* joint venture with Heart United Group Co. Ltd.


Aerosense, Inc.
* joint venture with Sony Communication Inc


* We'll start up a new development of the allocation application of autonomous driving taxi and mobile robot CarriRo, and a Blockchain for settlement and security.

  • 代表取締役社長 谷口恒(戸籍名:谷口恵恒) [ facebook ]
  • Director Nobuko Imanishi
  • Director Akihiro Nishimura
  • Director Koji Kageyama
  • External director Hideki Somemiya (Sony Corporation)​ ​
  • External director Seishiro Tsuruho
  • Full-time statutory auditor Hachiro Sato
  • Statutory auditor Keizo Tannawa
  • Statutory auditor Kazufumi Oonishi
  • Technical advisor Takeo Kanade

MUFG Bank, Ltd. Roppongi Branch

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Kanda Branch


1. Development and sale of ADAS (advanced driving support), platform for development of Autonomous Driving technology, RoboCar series and sensors and systems

2. Development support such as autonomous driving for mobile manufacturers (automobiles, commercial vehicles, construction machines, agricultural machines, logistic conveyance equipment, outdoor work machines, etc.), experimental agency business

3. Development and sales of logistics support robot CarriRo

4. Robots for research for universities and companies, robot teaching materials


January 30, 2001:As the world's first venture to develop a human symbiotic robot, limited company ZMP INC. Established

June 2001: Organizational changes to Corporation from limited company

September 2002: Head office relocation to Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo

November 2004: Tokyo head office relocation Meguro to Aobadai

June 2009: Tokyo head office relocation Bunkyo to Koishikawa


Service & product information

For major handling services & products, please see the product information page from below.
Automatic operation development platform
 RoboCar シリーズ
About the outline of RoboCar series of autonomous driving technology development platform
Home Delivery Robot Service
 CarriRo Delivery
Carry everything automatically. Home delivery robot equipped with autonomous driving function
Logistics support robot
Electric assist with truck type robot, autonomous movement, IoT package realizes efficient distribution
Travel data measurement service
Supports system construction & measurement of running data required for ADAS / automatic operation development