Autonomous Driving and ADAS

About Autonomous Driving

Basics on Autonomous Driving , Initiatives of each company for the development of Autonomous Driving and so on will be discussed here.In addition, we will also introduce the seminar information and ZMP services.

Each of the topics are explained in detail.

1. Basic information on Autonomous Driving

Currently, research and development of Autonomous Driving is carried out in various fields / vehicles.
Autonomous Driving means "a system that the machine autonomously does not rely on people's handling of vehicles and moving bodies".

In order to realize the Autonomous Driving, the presence of the robot is important.
The word "robot" which also appears in the mission of ZMP's company was coined by writers of Czechoslovakia (then) in 1920.
In 1926, the signal that we sent by phone, the machine "TELVOX" to operate the relay was born.

In Japan in the beginning of the Edo period, in 1622 a Japanese-made robot "Karakuri doll" was born.

You can see that the Autonomous Driving technology attracts high attention from ancient times.

Recently, with the development of sensing technology and computer technology, a variety of Automatic control technology is being developed.

Especially, development of Autonomous Driving vehicle technology development has started from the middle of the 1900's.
It was thought that gasoline car was born in 1900 and aimed at Autonomous Driving car before cars became common.
Approximately 100 years have passed and it is said that the Automobile field has entered a new era.

Since 2000, the whole world is aiming at commercialization of Autonomous Driving vehicles and intense competition for development continues day by day.

Basic information on Autonomous Driving is summarized below so please have a look.

For basic information on "Autonomous Driving" refer the below link.

2. Autonomous Driving Efforts of each company

As explained above, now aiming at practical application of Autonomous Driving vehicles, many manufacturers and companies in Japan and overseas are moving forward and working on its development.

As a group of companies, domestic car manufacturers and parts suppliers, overseas automobile manufacturers, IT companies, semiconductor manufacturers and venture companies.

Autonomous Driving specialty news media "Autonomous Driving laboratory" has an industry map on Autonomous Driving,whether it is in Japan or overseas entering from various fields regardless of companies and universities has become an International Development Competition.

(Exhibitor: Autonomous Driving Lab) 【Summer of 2018 Summer】 Release of Autonomous Driving Industry Map! All 138 companies/universities/funds posted​ ​

It can be said that Autonomous Driving civil war era is a situation where various companies such as automobile industry, suppliers, IT companies are developing Autonomous Driving but the efforts and typical features of representative companies development are " Corporate Initiatives ".

Check the link below for the trends of companies working on Autonomous Driving.

3. Technical development of Autonomous Driving

As a pioneer in the development of Autonomous Driving technology we have been working on the development of Autonomous Driving Technology from the ground up at our own company.

More about the knowledge and know-how etc, is summarized in another page,"Development of Autonomous Driving technology" .
The below listed topics are explained in the above mentioned page.

They are:
· Mechanism of Autonomous Driving
· Vehicles subject to Autonomous Driving
· Sensor required for Autonomous Driving
· Systems used for Autonomous Driving
· Autonomous Driving Car traveling area
· Autonomous Driving development solution

Please refer to "Development of Autonomous Driving " from the below link.

4. 自動運転の現状









下記のページでは、自動運転の現状や各業界における自動運転の進捗状況、自動運転の課題などを詳しく解説しておりますので”自動運転(Autonomous Driving)の現状”のページも参照いただければと思います。

5. 自動運転を応用したサービス開発について

In ZMP we are working on to realize Auto taxi service in 2020.We are also handling Autonomous Driving utilization service "MaaS (Mobility as a service)" to apply Autonomous Driving technology to service as soon as possible.

It is thought that the service that utilizes Autonomous Driving will spread in the world. ZMP implemented service demonstration using Autonomous Driving taxi between Otemachi and Roppongi as a business model verification for the practical use of Autonomous Taxis.

As a new service, we provide a system for Autonomous Driving , which we have used in the demonstration experiment this time, as an " Autonomous Driving platform " to business operators aiming to commercialize MaaS.

This service is described in detail on the following page.

6. 自動運転関連のセミナー

In this section, we introduce seminars and exhibitions related to Autonomous Driving which are being carried out in the market. The ZMP Forum is held once a year.We will also introduce other exhibitions and seminar information which are held.

Please check the below link for details on Autonomous Driving exhibition / seminar.

7. 自動運転関連ニュース

Auto-related news, ZMP press releases and other news etc. are introduced below.

In future,we will update with the latest information on Autonomous Driving.

You can check ZMP pressrelease from the below link.

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