An article on the rental service through the carriRo with Orix Rentec was posted on the monthly material flow January issue of 2017

" CarriRo " is a cart type logistics support robot used for carrying packages. "Drive mode" which operates with the joystick , can carry the luggage with almost no force, "Drive mode" which can carry the beacon worker and preceding carriRo and also which can carry three carriages at the same time " Mode "is installed.

A short-term rental plan for the pilot operation of CarriRo is possible through Orix Rentec, and we will respond to the needs of customers who wish to conduct demonstration experiments as to whether they can be used according to the field environment before implementation. In addition, by offering with a special storage case manufactured for rental, you can use it with confidence in terms of management and operation. * It is also possible to sell exclusive storage cases only.

Please refer to the following press release for details.

Monthly material flow January 2017 [MH Report]

Orix Rentec Co., Ltd. Carillo Rental Service Press Release

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