Start selling the latest version of the compact CAN-USB conversion module

Start selling the latest version of the compact CAN-USB conversion module
- Public road travel data collection · Automatic driving public road demonstration experiment · Utilization in home delivery robot -

ZMP CORPORATION ZMP (Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, President: Hitoshi Taniguchi, hereinafter referred to as ZMP) has recently launched the latest version of the small CAN to USB conversion module.


Configuration tool screen

 CANボーレートは最大1Mbpsまで設定可能、同期信号入力や他機器への電源供給も可能、CAN通信設定とデータ確認が可能なコンフィギュレーションツールも付属しています。今回の最新版で、複数のUSBデバイスを用いる際のIDの固定が可能となり(*)、接続順番に依存しないアプリケーション開発が行いやすくなりました。 CAN-USB-Zは、2チャンネル対応の車載ネットワークCAN(Cntoroller Area Network)ポートを装備した小型インタフェースモジュールで、PC等と接続しCAN信号の送受信を手軽に行えるモジュールです。

In addition, the optional Viewer application includes a database creation function that extracts a specific ID from CAN data and converts it to a physical value, and a function to play saved log data as test bench data.

This product is used by RoboTest of our public road traveling data collection service to collect information on in-vehicle CAN and CAN-compatible sensors. It is also mounted on the automatic operation technology development platform RoboCar MiniVan and is used in ZMP and public road demonstration experiments in various places. In addition, CarriRo Delivery, a home delivery robot currently undergoing verification experiments, is also used as an interface for various sensor connections. It can be used immediately for applications such as measurement of CAN bus in development and experiment of industrial machines such as automobiles, in-vehicle equipment, construction machines / agricultural machines, etc., and synchronous acquisition of CAN data of different channels such as vehicle data and sensors.

Connection example
Sales will start from today.
(* Fixing USB ID is supported only on Linux.)


Product introduction CAN USB-Z

Database creation application screen

· Small CAN-USB interface with 2 channel CAN interface
· All CAN data can be acquired
· USB bus power drive
· Supply power to other devices by 5V power output
· Synchronization signal can be input by digital input (1 channel)
· Built-in terminating resistor (set with rear switch)
· CAN communication setting and simple monitoring tool included (Windows)
· API to utilize converted data in database prepared

· (Option) Database creation tool for extracting CAN data and converting it to physical values ​​etc, log data reproduction tool (Windows)

ZMP CAN USB - Z 40,000 yen (excluding tax)
· CAN USB-Z main unit × 1
· Application CD-ROM × 1
(Configuration tool, document)

ZMP CAN USB - Z & Viewer 90,000 yen (excluding tax)
· CAN USB-Z main unit × 1
· Viewer application CD-ROM × 1
(Database creation application, Player application, Configuration tool, Manual)

【Main Specifications】

Number of CAN channels 2 (D-sub connector × 1)
CAN baud rate Maximum 1 Mbps (125, 250, 500, 1000 [kbps] switching)
Controller CAN 2.0 A, 2.0 B (ID: 11, 29 [bit])
PC bus interface USB 2.0 (bus power supply)
IO interface

Digital input × 1 (Schmitt trigger, maximum 1 [kHz], maximum 30 [V]) Analog input × 1 (0 to 16 [V], 12 [bit])

Time stamp 10 [μs]
Power supply output USB bus power (5 V) / EXT (maximum 16 V 3A)
LengthxWidthxHeight/ Weight About 60 × 40 × 20 [mm], about 50 [g]
Application Windows 7/8
Driver Windows 7/8, Linux
Operating environment -20 ~ 60 [℃] ※ No condensation

* Fixing the USB ID corresponds to Linux only.


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