ZMP, Opening the course of public road experiment in Odaiba for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

ZMP, Opening the course of public road experiment in Odaiba for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

- For FY2017 Level 4 Toward Demonstration Experiment -

ZMP Corporation (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taniguchi Hisashi , hereinafter referred to as ZMP) aims to realize a fully Autonomous Driving taxi service at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. We conducted a public road test in Odaiba. We also developed and verified software that remotely monitors vehicles for vehicle operation. The Company positions this experiment as an important step towards the level 4 (fully Autonomous Driving ) demonstration experiment during FY 2017, and plans to expand the demonstration area of ​​level 4 in 2018 - 2019 and start service in 2020.
We will continue to make technical progress from time to time.

We are on public roads in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture from 2014. We started Autonomous Driving demonstration experiment, over the last year March, in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Shonan Life Town, There were experiments to grasp the traffic environment in the residential area and to make a round-trip back and forth in one left lane by taking the safety into consideration.

Since May we have continued public road tests in Bunkyo Ward near our office. Traffic situation is grasped in typical urban environment in the Tokyo Yamanote line with narrow street width, lot of street parking, many passersby.

After that, we started a public road experiment in Odaiba from October. Lane change, signal recognition (including the arrow signal), right / left turn was incorporated in the city area of ​​the Olympic venue where the traffic is heavy in the metropolitan area. This area is a typical main road with a lot of traffic on a maximum of four lanes on one way, as well as many large vehicles such as trucks and trailers. We verified the service image that transports people by Autonomous Driving for about 25 minutes for sightseeing spots such as television stations and hotels, hot spring facilities, science museums.

Our company plans to realize the demonstration experiment by Level 4 during FY 2017 according to government policy, and we will continue to disclose the progress of technology from time to time.

Demonstration experiment running video

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