Sales of 3D TOF sensor for mobile robot research and development started

Sales of 3D TOF sensor for mobile robot research and development started
- Horizontal 100 ° Vertical 85 °, for external sensing of mobile robot -

3D TOF sensor

ZMP Inc. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President: Tsune Taniguchi, hereinafter ZMP) has started selling 3D TOF sensors for mobile robot research and development.

This sensor is a 3D TOF sensor made of PMD technology and capable of measuring distances up to 6 m at viewing angles of 100 ° horizontally and 85 ° vertically. You can measure the shape and depth of the object by illuminating it and shooting it with a camera, and it is possible to measure even in a dark environment. The interface comes with C / C ++ and Matlab SDK with USB 3.0, it can be used as an external sensor by installing it on a mobile robot and developing applications.

In ZMP, we sell real robot 1/10 size robot car RoboCar 1/10, and dolly type mobile robot POWER WHEEL II as a development platform for mobile robots. This TOF sensor can be installed as an external sensor in these mobile robots and it can be used as a laboratory robot platform.
We will start accepting orders for 3D TOF sensor from today.

Left: 3D TOF sensor measurement example (indicating distance by color) / right: Shooting from the back of the robot

【Actual car 1/10 scale RoboCar 1/10】

Example with three-dimensional TOF sensor
(RoboCar 1/10)

【Mobile platform for research and development platform POWER WHEEL II】


【Main Specifications】

Dimension 62 mm x 66 mm x 29 mm
TOF sensor IRS 1125C Infinion 3D Image Sensor IC
Measurement distance 0.5 - 6 m
フレームレート 5, 10, 25, 35, 45, 60 fps             
Lighting 4 x VCSEL, 850 nm
Software C / C ++ SDK, Matlab-SDK
Resolution 352 × 287 px
Viewing angle Horizontal 100 °, vertical 85 °
Interface USB 3.0
Distance resolution <= 1% of distance (1 - 6 m @ 5 fps)
<= 1% of distance (0.5 - 2 m @ 60 fps)
OS Windows 7/8, Ubuntu 14.04
power wheel icon


We will propose it by combining sensor alone and robot. Please inquire details.

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